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Matthew Brewster and "The Arch"
Matthew Brewster and “The Arch”

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Katie Smith

Every homeowner interested in unusual upgrades or one of a kind home décor needs to know an address: 4320 Bayview Rd., Bemus Point.

This is where they will find Stone Outdoor and Living Center – a retail center specializing in quarry cuts from across the country, man made stone products and stone from local foundations and demolition sites.

Matthew Brewster and his partners – Tom, Linda, Trish and Jason Sivak bring more than 40 years of construction experience to this business and a life time of connections. All the partners are from the Warren/Youngsville, PA area. Matt attended grade school with Tom Sivak’s nephew and then came to know his whole family. For next 13 years Matt worked in construction while the Sivak family concentrated more on stone and masonry work.

A series of life events led Matt to look for a change – he found it through a non-profit agency in Warren dedicated to improving lives in distant Tanzania. Matt travelled to Northern Tanzania to help build an orphanage. His friends – the Sivaks – meanwhile, were in the process of starting their business and looking for another partner. They decided to wait for Matt! Once the orphanage building was finished and his obligation to the organization was complete – he returned to the area and signed on as a partner in the Outdoor Living and Stone Center. The Bemus Point location opened to contractors in 2013 and in 2015 expanded to the retail market, inviting the public to visit and see the kitchen, bath and décor displays.

“We specialize in the higher-end products, a unique line you won’t find in other stores” reported Brewster. “We have the products and materials that will allow the homeowner to create a personalized water feature, install landscape lighting or set up a seating area for dining and relaxing. We focus on the ‘hardscaping’.” he continued. “all the support products for landscaping – walls, pavers, stone edging, tiles, fireplaces, barbeques, fire pits, gravel and walkways – just to name a few examples.”

“We concentrate on customer service,” Brewster added, expressing the same interest in serving others that once took him to Tanzania. “I enjoy building relationships with the homeowner, contractors and other vendors. Once you see our work, you’ll want more! As he pointed out the displays, and explained the origin of the piles and pallets of product he continued, “Contrary to popular belief and first impressions – stone is not cold and impersonal; it actually has it’s own presence, personality, it will speak to you and often provides a sense of history, a level of warmth and stability”

Their products and their integration into a building are evident at Pine Junction, the Southern Tier Brewery and the Ellicottville Brewery on Chautauqua Lake. The Stone Center has shipped product as far as Montana but considers a well known local residence one of their largest jobs
Custom fabricated sinks, counter tops, fireplaces are all on display. The stone arches in front of the building area are commanding and are visible from the route 430/I 86 highway heading towards Mayville. The business offers meeting space for contractors – allowing for design discussions, product samples to be displayed and a firsthand viewing of all the options available.

The Living Center wants to be known as the #1 resource in our area for homeowners, designers and architects looking to incorporate the strength and beauty of nature into a living space.

Stone and Outdoor Living Center is located at 4320 Bayview Rd., Bemus Point. They can be reached at 716.386.2059. Hours are 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday and Saturday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.After hours appointments are available and they suggest calling ahead for the winter hours schedule.

You can find them on Facebook, on the web at or via email at

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