Southwestern High School


Back to the 80’s!

March 13 – 15 @ 7pm in the Southwestern High School Auditorium

The story has Corey Palmer looking back at his senior year in high school. He recounts his friends, and the usual high school drama between boys and girls. The story is set to pop music from the 80’s including songs like: “Man in the Mirror,””Never Gonna Give You Up,”” Total Eclipse of the Heart,” and more!

Tickets are $8. We offer reserved seats through the school website: or they can be purchased at the door.

Christine Beichner-Miller

Lead Cast:
Dylan Sorensen – Corey Palmer (present day)
Max Hagel – Corey Palmer (as a teenager)
Andrew Delcamp – Alf
Nick Crisafulli-Schenk – Kirk
Hannah Finson – Tiffany
Julia Jablonski – Cyndi
Mikayla Johnson – Kim
Elisabeth Meyer – Mel
AJ Smith – Michael
Chase Stevenson – Lionel
Jimmy Butler – Billy
Mikayla Brock – Eileen
Chris Butler – Mr. Cocker
Jessie Stahlman – Miss Brannigan