Self Help for Osteoporosis


Contributing Writer
Jeffrey Barkstrom, LAC

A hot topic among my patients is Osteoporosis. Everyone is worried about hip fractures and bone loss. A broken hip can cause many months and even years of discomfort for some people. So I am asked, “is there anything I can do to prevent a fracture?” Surprisingly, the answer is yes.

First let’s cover some vital areas. Fractures can happen to men and women. As we age, we are more likely to have them. Bone loss is now increasingly becoming a disease of the young. It is thought that food is a main culprit.

How is food a culprit? We are increasingly eating acid foods that our bodies need to buffer with minerals. The largest reservoir of minerals in our bodies is our bones, so they suffer. In our office, we use a two prong approach. We cut back on the acid foods and encourage eating mineral rich foods.

Acidic foods, such as anything with added sugar, deplete our minerals. If we don’t cut the sugars, it is very hard to start to help our bones. This is the best place to start for bone health.

Our bones are basically made up of two things, Collagen (protein) is turned into a flexible framework and minerals that are woven into the framework to provide strength. Collagen can be added to our diet through things like animal proteins, bone broths (soups) and gelatin. Next is to start adding mineral rich foods to our diet such as vegetables, nuts, seeds, and limited amounts of fruits. Imagine a place a plate with 2/3 vegetables and 1/3 protein.

To me, this sounds like how my grandparents ate and if you look throughout human history, this is how we have always ate until recently. Once we get back to a healthier diet, then it’s time to get out and use those bones. Use them or lose them.

Jeffrey Barkstrom has been helping people with health and weight loss issues for more than 12 years. He has spoken at colleges, businesses, non-profits, national conferences and on television about the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. He currently practices at Barkstrom Acupuncture PC, Natural Health Improvement Center in Jamestown, NY. Learn more at or at