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Sauce opened its doors to the public July 26 on 306 North Main Street. The newly opened pizzeria offers homemade dishes made fresh daily. Adam Gullo is the owner of Sauce and Heather Lepley makes all of the desserts from scratch. Lepley and Gullo have been together for ten years. The restaurant is family-oriented, which is evident by the picture of Adam’s great grandmother and her children hanging on the wall.

Not Your Average Pizzeria
Gullo and Lepley wanted to give the restaurant a unique feel compared to the traditional checkered table clothes found in other pizza places. The main display window is decorated with wine and liquor bottles artfully hung with fishing line. Pictures of gangsters line the walls and Italian flags are hung toward the back. They have been playing Italian-themed movie music from the Hollywood hit “Rocky” every night to add to the mood.

“A lot of people say it looks like a New York City style restaurant; as if they are not in Jamestown when they come here,” Lepley said. The distinctive décor includes tables and countertop with hundreds of pennies scattered under the glass and light bulbs and a ladder hung from the ceiling over the counter.

Their style of dining is also different from many restaurants. Customers walk up to the counter when they’re ready and order in person, and runners bring out the food as soon as it’s hot and ready.

The Freshest Ingredients
Sauce serves pizza, salads, pasta, sides, Italian Heroes and dessert. Their pizza dough is always hand made fresh from imported Italian pizza flour. The signature sauce is crafted with crushed San Marzano tomatoes and secret spices. The Sicilian thick-crust crunchy pizza is topped with a blend of domestic and imported cheeses from Italy. “We have Romano cheese, ricotta cheese, you name any Italian cheese and we use it,” Gullo said.

Their Sunday Sauce is a family recipe taken from Gullo’s grandmother, made with veal, beef and pork. This mouthwatering sauce takes approximately six hours to make and is specially prepared a couple times a week. “We do everything from scratch with the best possible ingredients you can get,” Gullo said. “It’s done like that every time, not just once in a while.”

Home is Where the Heart is
“Adam’s been cooking at the house for years,” Lepley said. They had a brick pizza oven in the yard at their house, and then they put a deck oven in their other house to cook New York style pizzas. “He perfected all these different types of pizzas, but in this area the Sicilian style, thick crust is what people like, so that’s what he wanted to start out with,” she said.

“It was a good opportunity to do something I enjoy doing and I had been cooking at home for a long time,” Gullo said. The eggplant stack and tiramisu are two favorite dishes. “I’m most excited about bringing authentic cuisine to Jamestown,” Gullo said.

Sauce is open Wednesday through Saturday from 4 p.m. to 9 p.m. Visit or call (716) 488-7770 for more info.

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