Safe Driving Tips for Teen Drivers


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Metro Creative Connection

January 2018 is “Teen Driving Awareness Month.”

Earning a driver’s license is a milestone in a young person’s life. Teenagers typically take to the open road without adults riding shotgun between the ages of 16 and 18, depending on where they live. Although this can be an exciting time for them, it’s also a time that can change the family dynamic.

Parents may have mixed feelings about their children getting their drivers’ licenses. Although many parents recognize the convenience of having another licensed driver in the house, it is understandable if moms and dads are wary about inexperienced children behind the wheel.

Vehicular fatalities remain the leading cause of death among teenagers. To help reduce the chance for crashes, injury and death, families can work together to focus on safe driving tips.

  • Adult instructors can take a safe-driving course. In addition to providing valuable safety tips to pass along to the teens, enrollment often entitles car owners to auto insurance discounts.
  • Stay off of the phone. Texting and calling reduces alertness on the road. Pull over to make a call if there is an emergency; otherwise, leave the phone out of reach in a back seat.
  • Use the headlights and daytime running lights to be more visible to other drivers, even during the daytime.
  • Leave plenty of time. Plan ahead to avoid driving stressed or rushed.
  • Limit distractions behind the wheel. New drivers like teens should minimize passenger conversations and radio use.
  • Stick to easy parking at first. Park in spaces with room for pulling out forward to reduce the risk of hitting other vehicles.

Driving is exciting for newly licensed teens, so parents must emphasize the importance of defensive driving.