RTPI President to Present Program on Jamestown’s Urban Nature July 12th at 5pm


Contributed by
Roger Tory Peterson Institute

Discover the connections between Roger Tory Peterson’s conservation legacy and your own backyard during RTPI’s upcoming program, “What’s in Your Backyard?” on Thursday, July 12th from 5–7pm. RTPI’s president, Twan Leenders will share his knowledge of Jamestown’s urban nature and how this unlikely and underappreciated city asset has inspired people the world over for almost a century.

Chautauqua County is blessed with a beautifully forested landscape, rolling hills and healthy lakes, streams and wetlands. These natural habitats harbor a wide diversity of rare and endangered species, but so do some of our man-made urban habitats. Learn about our fascinating urban wildlife and find out what the presence of these biological indicators tells about the health of the habitats we share with them.

RTPI’s ongoing education and conservation programs provide opportunities for people to learn about science, education, and conservation, while at the same time benefiting the local economy and our community’s quality of life.   Please join us for this special program which will include a brief tour of our current exhibit, Roger Tory Peterson: The Life, The Work, The Legacy. Cost: $10 Donation. For more information about this and other programs at RTPI, please visit www.rtpi.org or call 716-665-2473.