Rolling Hills Radio Announces its November Show

Steve Piper

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Rolling Hills Radio

After a capacity audience filled Shawbucks for Rolling Hills Radio’s first show of its 8th season, Ken Hardley, the show’s producer and host, announced the lineup for the November 27th show – The Moonshine Rhythm Club and, returning favorite, Steve Piper.

With the second show of the season, “Rolling Hills is quite literally moving into ‘full swing’ with a performance by four young musicians based in Nashville” Hardley says. “The Moonshine Rhythm Club has put their distinct signature sound on the best of classic recordings of the 1930s and ’40s swing era making those tunes sound as if they were written this morning.” According to Hardley, “Audience members will be treated to the acoustic guitar-driven fire of gypsy swing popularized by Django Reinhardt and later artists such as Count Basie. Hip vocals and lighthearted humor put the final touches on the performance of these completely unique musicians.”

The Moonshine Rhythm Club

Cathie Pasinski, Rolling Hills Radio Assistant Producer, enthusiastically says, “With their guitars, upright bass, sax and clarinet, I don’t believe there is anyone who will make it through this performance without tapping their toes, smiling until it hurts, and moving to the infectious rhythms of The Moonshine Rhythm Club.”

Also taking the stage at this show is a perennial favorite of Jamestown and regional audiences, Steve Piper. Piper is a songwriter and performer who falls within the folk and country tradition, but, according to Ken Hardley, ” has tastes diverse enough to slightly alter the reality of the open-hearted listener. Not only will you enjoy his performance, but his music and lyrics will stick with you. His songwriting is noteworthy; he understands the song form thoroughly and moves deftly within it. While his solo performances are worthy of an entire evening, he is also sought after by many groups as a session instrumentalist, primarily on guitar. It is no stretch to apply to Steve what John Lennon once said of another musician, he can ‘make the guitar talk.'” He adds that, “Steve’s chords remind me of The Beatle’s White Album. His instrumentals are remarkable.”

Steve Piper

Pat Maloney, a fine singer/composer in his own right, has said of Steve Piper’s music, “…I hear flashes of Buddy Holly and the Everly Brothers …”

Pasinski adds, “Steve Piper’s whimsical view of the world simply brings out the romantic in me. I can’t wait to see him again.”

In upcoming shows, Rolling Hills Radio will feature performances by Joe Crookston, Zig Zietler, Nick Vandenberg and Geoff Goodhue, Rachael Sage, Todd Burge, John Latini, the Urban Pioneers, David Michael Miller, Almond&Olive, and Kathryn Koch.

Also, this season, iconic folk singer Tom Paxton as well as Robin and Linda Williams (of “Prairie Home Companion” fame) will perform on the Rolling Hill’s stage.”

There are four options for purchasing tickets, giving patrons a choice of the one that is most convenient. Tickets are available at the door the night of each show. If you choose, you can call ahead at (716) 484-1101. Tickets are also available online at If you’re out and about, stop in during the Chamber’s regular business hours at 512 Falconer St, Jamestown, NY to buy your tickets in person sometime prior to the night of the show.

In addition to the live performance, you can listen to Rolling Hills on-air or online on WRFA, 107.9 FM every Friday night at 6:00pm.

Shawbucks, located in the heart of Jamestown’s theater district at 212 West 2nd Street, opens its doors at 5:30pm for the “Happy Rolling Hour.” This event is for those who already have tickets or will be purchasing tickets at the door. “Rolling Happy Hour” is an opportunity to become part of the Rolling Hills community and, if you choose, also enjoy a meal. Then, promptly at 6:30pm, the bar stops serving, the room grows quiet, the house lights dim and recording for radio and TV begins. At the end of the show, the bar reopens and the audience is invited to join Ken and the musicians for a Meet and Greet. Hardley says, “There’s no better way to spend a Monday night.”