Ring Elementary School UPK Holds Nursery Rhyme Family Engagement Activity

Ring Elementary School UPK student, Skye Carter, pretends she is the teddy bear waking up with a roar at the end of the Teddy Bear nursery rhyme.

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Jamestown Public Schools

Ring Elementary School UPK recently held a Nursery Rhyme Family Engagement activity where students became the “teachers” helping their parents learn nursery rhymes. The Ring Elementary School’s UPK event had 100 percent family participation.

“We promoted nursery rhymes because children who are fluent with nursery rhymes at a young age grow-up to be proficient readers and who doesn’t want a child to be able to read? The program was both a family engagement activity and also our way of letting the children show moms, dads and extended family some of the great things we are learning in the Pre-kindergarten program,” said Ring UPK teacher, Terry Ortiz. ”I think it was a beautiful turnout and I think the parents and families all truly enjoyed the event.”

Ring Elementary School UPK student, Jaxson Willingham, gives a flower to his grandmother.

The program included: reciting 10 nursery rhymes, performing a Mother’s Day poem and handing out flowers. Each child went home with a nursery rhyme book to use to learn additional rhymes with parents and families.
Ring Elementary School also promoted the all-school summer reading challenge. UPK is asking parents to spend 15 documented minutes a day reading with their child. The packet comes back in September for recognition of the reading done over the summer.