Resident Profile: Mary Emogene Hazeltine

Mary Emogene Hazeltine

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Mary Emogene Hazeltine

Mary Emogene Hazeltine was born May 5, 1868 in Jamestown, the daughter of Abner and Olivia Hazeltine. She graduated from Wellesley College, Massachusetts with a bachelor’s degree in 1891. Mary worked as a high school principal for two years before accepting the position as head librarian at the Prendergast Library in 1893; the library’s second librarian. She established and directed the Chautauqua School for Librarians during the summers at Chautauqua Institution from 1901 – 1905. Mary worked with Melvin Dewey (Dewey Decimal System) to establish this course. During this time she was elected president of the New York State Library Association. (1902).

In 1906 Hazeltine was chosen as the first head of the newly formed Wisconsin Library School at the University of Wisconsin at Madison; a position she held until her retirement in 1938. The school was only the ninth library school established in the U.S. and was one of six charter members of the Association of American Library Schools.

During her tenure as head of the library school she helped in training over one thousand librarians.

Not only an accomplished librarian and teacher, Mary also authored several books in her lifetime. One Hundred Years of Wisconsin Authorship, 1836-1937, was one of the earliest regional bibliographies published. Her book, Anniversaries and Holidays, first published in 1928, details important events and noted person’s birth and death dates for each day of the year. For example; May 8th. Birthday of Jean Henri Dunant (1828), Swiss banker and philanthropist who was awarded the first Nobel Peace Prize in 1901 and gave the money to the Red Cross, he himself died in poverty in 1910.

Mary Emogene Hazeltine retired to Jamestown in 1938 to work on the second edition of Anniversaries and Holidays and volunteered as a reference librarian at the Prendergast Library. Mary resumed her association with local organizations such as the DAR, Fortnightly, the Mozart Club and the First Covenant Church. She passed away on June 17, 1949 at the age of 81.

In 1951 she was named as one of forty of America’s most significant library leaders and was selected by the Library Journal to the “Library Hall of Fame”. She was also inducted into the Wisconsin Library Hall of Fame in 2008.Mary Emogene Hazeltine is buried in the Hazeltine family plot on Wildwood Section, Lot 7.

Many Options Available When Considering Cremation

Pictured to the left is Lake View’s cremation columbarium, located on the Falling Leaf section of the cemetery. It is one of several options for the inurnment of ashes here at the cemetery. The niches may be purchased as a single or double unit. Prices include the niche, the transfer of ashes to the niche insert and a bronze plaque inscribed with name and birth and death dates.

Other options for the inurnment of ashes are also available. The cemetery offers cremation only grave spaces. Each plot will accommodate two sets of ashes and both names may be placed on a 24” X 12” marker or an auxiliary marker.(bronze or granite up to 8” X 6”). In a traditional sized grave space three sets of ashes may be inurned in addition to any full sized burial. The same rules for markers apply as well.

At this time, additional cremation inurnment options are being investigated so that we may better serve our families.