Panama United Methodist Church Plans Building Expansion

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Panama United Methodist Church

Panama United Methodist Church has kicked off a campaign to increase gathering space for the Panama community and beyond. The campaign named “CenterPoint” is in keeping with the Church’s mission statement, “We seek to love the Lord God by introducing people to his Son Jesus Christ and helping these relationships grow.” The Church’s planned expansion will provide much needed additional space for the Church and community at large. According to Pastor Steven Taylor, “this project will be a launching point where we can go out in Jesus’ name to the community of Panama, the region and the world. The CenterPoint scriptural funding campaign has set three levels of financial milestones that we pray will be achieved… Neighborhood $700,000, Region $900,000, and the ultimate goal of World is $1,100,000.

The CenterPoint project will create a Christ-centered space where all of the community and Church can gather creating a destination for meals, events, worship and fellowship which will include an upgraded kitchen. The plans also include a new food pantry area which will allow the Church to better meet the needs of the community and a new Children’s ministry suite will provide for the growth and a safe space for all children, “The reason the Church exists is to serve the community in Jesus’ name. This building project will create space for businesses, the school and other churches, the fire department and families and so much more,” said Taylor.

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