One of Our Own! Kathleen Eads

Kathleen Eads
Kathleen Eads
Kathleen Eads

“Everyone’s been very nice. I love it here!” Kathleen Eads stated happily.
As the sun glistened off the snow and reflected into her office window, she sat at her desk discussing with pride her recent one-year anniversary at the Reg Lenna, as of January 4th. The fourth generation California native has gracefully adapted to the position of Executive Director for The Reg Lenna Center for The Arts, and is pleased to call Jamestown home.

While living in California, Eads discovered the opportunity at the Reg Lenna through an online navigation site for careers in the arts. Prior to hearing about the opportunity that would draw her to Jamestown, she had always lived in bigger cities and was unfamiliar with the area. Eads had lived in Manhattan for half a decade in the past, but had never heard of Western New York. Her first visit to the area happened when she was invited for an interview in October 2013. Three months later, she became a Jamestown resident and the newest member of the Reg Lenna Center for The Arts team.

Theater and performing arts have always played a major role in Eads’ life. She started taking ballet at the age of five and has since had a passion for the craft. Eads has many fond memories as a child attending classical performances with her father at University of the Pacific in Stockton. She has also taken part onstage. Her first role was Gretel, in first grade.

Eads’ dream to direct and manage theater came a few years later. “I was in seventh grade for a summer theater performance. We showed up to yellow tape around the stage due to a fire that had broken out.” The show was cancelled and Eads was inspired to make sure this mishap could be prevented in the future. Eads thought, “Gosh, isn’t there someone who should make sure this doesn’t happen?”
Eads earned her Bachelor of Arts in Theater Management from San Jose State University and was in the Graduate Program at Golden Gate University. Eads has been working in theater and performing arts for over 25 years, most recently as Managing Director of the Antaeus Company in North Hollywood, California. She has worked for Disney Theatrical Productions as their Senior Broadway Marketing Manager and also helped in the creation of Baruch College’s Performing Arts Center in New York, serving as its first General Manager and Director.

When Eads is not working, she enjoys local gallery openings, going to the ballet, and attending the Theater Concert Association Events with her husband, Ron Orbach, himself a noted stage actor, both contemporary and Shakespearean, and a director. The two met at Sacramento Theater Company. Kathleen was the Director of Marketing and Ron was there to direct a play. They fell in love with the arts, along with each other, and have been married for more than 13 years.

Kathleen Eads is a refreshing addition to the area. She has already brought many changes and new beginnings for theater to Jamestown. She continues to work hard finding the best entertainment to attract people from all over the community. Eads’ passion for the arts is unmistakable and it is clear how productive she has already been in attracting more patrons and allowing them to discover all there is to offer at The Reg Lenna Center for the Arts.