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“A bad day doesn’t really matter,” said Lisa Haglund, director of marketing and development at Heritage Ministries. “That’s how much the nurses inspired me here at Heritage.” Nursing at its best is a profession that blends the art of caring with the science of medicine, administered with passion and dedication.

National Nurses Week and Nursing Home Week are celebrated from May 6 through May 12 in 2016. International Nurses Day, established by the United Nations, is celebrated around the world on 12 May of each year, to mark the contributions nurses make to society.

Modern nursing practice, by most accounts, began with the Florence Nightingale. She was a British nurse who became famous as “The Lady with the Lamp” making her nighttime rounds of wounded soldiers in the Crimean War of the 1850s. She set standards of practice which remain today as the model of caring around the world.

Local hospitals, nursing homes and home care agencies still measure nursing practice against Florence Nightingale’s example and regularly award outstanding individuals in the field for their work.

WCA Hospital in Jamestown has awarded a Nurse of Distinction, nominated by his or her colleagues, every year since 1989.

A wonderful thanks to the caring nurses at TRC Community Health Center's Primary Care Clinic.              (L to R): Tabitha Taulbee, Jessica Moya, Laura Seiberg, Michelle Weltikol, Kathy Brown.
A wonderful thanks to the caring nurses at TRC Community Health Center’s Primary Care Clinic. (L to R): Tabitha Taulbee, Jessica Moya, Laura Seiberg, Michelle Weltikol, Kathy Brown.

This year, Jessica L. Cappa, BSN, WCA a Hospital Emergency Department nurse and 16-year-employee, was named the “2016 Nurse of Distinction”, recognized in a recent award ceremony as “…a hardworking, professional, passionate individual and a team player” by Emelia Lindquist Harley, MSN, WCA Hospital director of nursing and emergency department nurse manager.

“Nursing impacts people at their most vulnerable times, and in Jessica’s care for her patients and their families she lives up to her calling with skill and passion.”

Cheri Ohls, coordinator of nursing at Jamestown’s Resource Center, said, “Nursing here at TRC is the most rewarding job I’ve ever had. The best part is when you see people with special needs make real progress toward independence. It means we care for an entire family when we help one person. And it takes a whole team of dedicated people to do that. Nurses never work alone.”

Experiencing the dedication of the nurses at Heritage ministries is what inspired Lisa Haglund to end a 20-year career in the corporate world and work in a setting where making a human connection set her job there in marketing and development apart from all others. “Nurses are inspiring people to work with,” she said.

National Nursing Week encourages everyone to recognize the dedication nurses bring to their work in every health care setting throughout Jamestown and Chautauqua County. They are role models for everyone, regardless of the kind of work they do. Nurses deserve the recognition this week was created to give.

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