Missy Jo’s Diner


Article Contributed by
Faith Gibbons

Missy Jo’s is a brand new diner open in the village of Lakewood, located at 108 Chautauqua Ave, and getting their start at the beginning of this month, with an official grand opening on August 7th 2019. This sweet addition received its title when sisters and co-owners, Melissa “Missy” Paddock, and Ivana “Jo” Nuccio, combined their names.

Paddock has always known this was a venture she wanted to take on, and after some discussion and idea-slinging between the two, Nuccio quickly hopped on board.

“After many years of working for other people I thought to myself ‘I can do this,’” says Nuccio.

When it comes to specialties, for Missy Jo’s it’s not necessarily one specific food dish, but how the food is made. Paddock and Nuccio take pride in their always-fresh entrees and desserts. “Everything is homemade, it’s not the buy and heat stuff. Everything we serve is from scratch. We work from sun up, and when we leave here we are getting ready for the next day,” assures Nuccio.

Missy Jo’s is in a location that is incredibly special to these sisters, as their father and step-mother once had a restaurant in the same space called “Hungry Hannah’s.” “It’s always kind of been in the family, and on our door we have a sign that says ‘Welcome To Our Family’ and that’s exactly what this is to us, and hopefully to everyone who enters,” adds Paddock.

When asked what has been their highlight so far, out of all the positive aspects of running a successful business, working together and truly making this journey a family affair is what was said to mean the most to these women. “I’m a people-person. I love being out front, meeting new people, seeing old friends. Above all however, I would say working with my sister has to be my favorite part,” states Paddock. I love when she sees the plate that she’s made, and she gets that ‘Yeah, I did that!’ smile. She gets to do her thing by cooking, and I get to do mine by serving. And when our customers smile at what they’re getting, and what they’re getting is what she’s proud of, that makes it all worth it.”

Missy Jo’s offers a wide variety of soups, sandwiches, breakfast options, and sweet treats. They are open daily from 7am until 2pm. Currently still too new to have a Facebook page or website, the best way to reach them is by calling them here: (716) 526-1257, or by stopping in. There is no doubt you will be greeted by happy faces, willing to serve the best of what they create!