Low Fat? Think again!


Contributing Writer
Jeffrey Barkstrom

For years, a low fat diet has been advocated for optimum health. But is this really the way to go?

Studies show that diets low in saturated fat do not prevent heart disease. Dr. James DiNicolantonio, a leading US cardiologist says that the information is based on flawed data from the 1950s. He also says the belief that saturated fat raises cholesterol is “completely unfounded.” Sugar and refined carbohydrates such as sugar are the real cause of ill-health! The best way to boost health and maintain cardiovascular health is to eat a diet that is low in refined carbohydrates, sugars and processed foods. Eating good quality proteins, vegetables, fruits and healthy fats is the key to health.

Healthy fat speeds up metabolism, reduces hunger, stimulates fat burning, raises the good cholesterol, improves brain function, and improves blood vessel health. These are just a few of the benefits of eating more healthy fat.

Healthy fats include coconut oil, lard, tallow, duck fat, olive oil, avocado oil, flax seed oil ghee, organic butter, avocados, olives, raw nuts and eating grass-fed organic meat and small fish such as sardines.

Unhealthy fats include safflower, sunflower, canola, soy, corn, vegetable oil and margarine. These particular fats oxidize and go rancid, especially when heated which cause inflammation in the body.

For most people that are struggling with their health, an unhealthy diet for many years has contributed to their disease. You can feel better! We help people regain their health without the use of unnecessary drugs or surgery. Feel free to come to one our of free education workshops to learn more about how to improve your health, overcome chronic disease and to just feel better!

Jeffrey Barkstrom has been helping people with health and weight loss issues for more than 12 years. He has spoken at colleges, businesses, non-profits, national conferences and on television about the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. He currently practices at Barkstrom Acupuncture PC, Natural Health Improvement Center in Jamestown, NY. Learn more at www.barkstrom.net or at www.jamestowngazette.com.