Lincoln Elementary School PTA Upgrades School Playground

Lincoln Elementary School kindergartners Connor Kilbury, Mason Black-Dier and Abagail Batchelor try out the new revolution inclusive spinner with Lincoln Playground Committee members: (L to R): Melissa Rhodes, Cheryl Stone, Jessica Jacques and Sara Giltinan.

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Jamestown Public Schools

The Lincoln Elementary School PTA recently helped upgrade the school’s playground. As the existing playground was still in good condition, the PTA decided to add four new pieces. The PTA restricted $20,000 in funds that had been raised from previous years and also used funds from the 2016 Fall Fundraiser raising a total budget of $31,000.

The PTA added two-team totters (a version of a teeter totter that fits more children), a triple hoop, and a revolution inclusive spinner. All pieces purchased are age appropriate for ages 2-12, covering every age at Lincoln Elementary School. The committee met and discussed what they wanted for the playground upgrade and looked through catalogs from different playground companies. The committee decided to use Little Tikes, the company used for the existing playground, because they offered the most upgrades for the available funds.

The PTA Playground Committee consisted of parents, teachers and JPS staff. A special thanks to the committee members who volunteered their times to work on this project: Joanne Dean, Melissa Rhodes, Jessica Jacques, Sara Giltinan, Melissa Williamson, Karen Sykes, Cheryl Stone, Matthew Langworthy, Callie Pellerito, Sue Christian, Katie Russo, and Carl Pillittieri. This committee worked tirelessly to help find the best additions within the PTA’s budget.

“The Lincoln PTA hopes our families enjoy the new pieces that have been added to the playground,” said Lincoln PTA Treasurer Melissa Rhodes. “Thank you to all of our families at Lincoln School for your continued support. Without you, our PTA couldn’t do all the great things we are able to do at Lincoln School!”