JHS Business Students Compete in JA Stock Market Event

(L to R): James Rojas, Daunte Garland, Jayonna Smith, and Autumn Haight

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Jamestown Public Schools

Students in Jamestown High School’s Introduction to Business class, taught by Dave Munella, attended a stock market event in Buffalo sponsored by Junior Achievement of Western New York. The annual event takes place through out the country and 500 students from Western New York competed in teams of four in Buffalo. Prior to the event, the JHS students studied elements of the stock market and set-up accounts using a $500,000 start-up account. Students could pick five stocks to start their portfolio fee-free.

At the event in Buffalo, the room was set-up like the stock market with big screens, scrolling information, change in stock prices, etc. Individuals circled the room and students made their transactions through them. There were 60 rounds at one-minute per round to represent 60 days.

“You cannot over estimate how valuable these types of experiences are for our students,” said Mr. Munella. “It really opened their eyes to how the real world functions beyond the classroom. As educators, we can only provide a snapshot of what one can expect once they have entered into their careers.”