JHS 2017 Graduate, Fu Ming Zhao, ENL Success Story

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Jamestown Public Schools

Fu Ming Zhao

Jamestown Public Schools’ English as a New Language (ENL) Program had a great success story in 2017 graduate, Fu Ming Zhao. Fu Ming, who emigrated from China to Jamestown in December 2015 knew the English alphabet but spoke only a small amount of English. As part of the ENL program, Fu Ming graduated this year after less than two years at Jamestown High School – a true success story.

Fu Ming studied English 9 as a junior and completed English 10, 11, and 12 as a senior. This course load was in addition to his regular classes that included AP Calculus and AP Physics. Fu Ming was such an outstanding student he received the Excellence in English as a New Language Award and the Kenneth Sohmer Award for Excellence in Math.

Fu Ming had some secret weapons to learn English quickly.

“I was motivated to learn English because only one other person at JHS spoke Chinese so in order to talk to my classmates I needed to learn the language,” said Fu Ming. “I also used an iPhone app that helped me translate in class. To learn vocabulary, I carried a piece of paper in my pocket. Anytime I heard a word I didn’t know, I wrote it down and found out the meaning of the word. Then, I would study that list every night. The technology is very good at JHS and I really liked my teachers. They helped me a lot.”

Fu Ming’s experience is exceptional but shows that with hard work and dedication, ENL students can have tremendous success. Fu Ming is attending Jamestown Community College in the fall to study computer science and hopes to enter the University of Buffalo’s computer program after JCC.