Jamestown Audubon Nature Center Visits Fletcher Elementary School

Carly Polisoto, from the Jamestown Audubon Nature Center, shows Fletcher Elementary School UPK students an animal bone during a talk about mammals.

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Jamestown Audubon Nature Center

“The fox and the bobcat both had fur didn’t they?” asked Carly Polisoto, Jamestown Audubon Nature Center Naturalist to Fletcher Elementary School UPK students in Jennifer Schrader’s class. “And we also have fur, we just call it something different.”

“That’s hair!” said one of the students.

“That’s right we call it hair. I told you that we are all mammals and we have fur or hair, don’t we?”

Ms. Polisoto taught Fletcher UPK students all about mammals as part of their extended visit to the school over the next few weeks visiting all grade levels to teach students a bit more about the natural world. Ms. Polisoto explained that mammals are animals that have fur and bones, give birth to live babies and give their babies milk to drink. She also told them that many of their pets at home like cats and dogs are also mammals and that people are mammals too. She also showed them pictures of mammals and brought in fur and bones for the students to hold.

The Jamestown Audubon Nature Center will be visiting over 50 Fletcher classrooms, UPK to fourth grade, to spread their mission of connecting students to nature through hands-on interaction. The Center’s goal is to partner with teachers to deliver solid, science-based lessons that are fun and engaging. Programs such as: Wetland Life Cycles, Incredible Insects, Beavers, Birdie Cradles, Home Sweet Habitat, A Tree’s Year and Seeds-n-Such are just some of the programs available to students at grade-appropriate levels. The Center also provides pre-and post-visit materials to help teachers integrate the lesson into other experiences with their students.

“We are so thrilled that the Audubon Nature Center comes into Fletcher School to teach our students more about the natural world,” said Fletcher Elementary School Principal Maria DeJoy. “We are lucky to have such a vibrant organization who is willing to take the time to come into the classroom to expose our students to worlds they might not otherwise have an opportunity to explore.”

Our hands-on programs are designed to help students meet learning standards set forth by the New York State Department of Education including the NYS Elementary Science Core Curriculum.