Jackson Center Invites New Lead Sponsor to Young Readers Program

(L to R): Susan Moran Murphy, Jackson Center President; John Felton, SCFCU CEO; Mel Feathers, Jackson Center Docent; and Marion Beckerink, Jackson Center Dir. of Development.
(L to R): Susan Moran Murphy, Jackson Center President; John Felton, SCFCU CEO; Mel Feathers, Jackson Center Docent; and Marion Beckerink, Jackson Center Dir. of Development.

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Robert H. Jackson Center

The Robert H. Jackson Center, a non-profit dedicated to promoting liberty under law through the examination of the life and work of Supreme Court Justice Robert H. Jackson, and its relevance to current events and issues, announces Southern Chautauqua Federal Credit Union as a new lead sponsor in support of its annual Young Readers program. Jackson Center President and CEO Susan Moran Murphy made the announcement.

The Jackson Center is proud to align with the Southern Chautauqua Federal Credit Union (SCFCU) as a lead sponsor for its 13th annual Young Readers program. Each year, the Jackson Center partners with the Law, Youth and Citizenship Program of the New York State Bar Association to bring a young adult author to the Center in celebration of the important contribution young people’s literature makes to lifelong literacy, education and good citizenship. This year, the Jackson Center welcomed Carlotta Walls Lanier, one of the nine African American students who integrated Little Rock Central High School sixty years ago, against enormous resistance. Ms. Lanier spoke directly to a very engaged audience of over 2000 students about lessons of perseverance and how to take charge of your own destiny, even as a young person, through discipline and hard work. One enduring lesson she left the students with was to avoid being overwhelmed by the daily challenges of life by staying focused on achieving long term goals.

Similarly, SCFCU has taken a proactive role in educating youth about financial responsibility and achieving financial independence through its Kids’ Credit Union program. SCFCU CEO, John Felton, began the children’s program in 2004 with a goal to help students in Chautauqua County (where 28.8 percent of children live in poverty) save for their future. Since its inception, the Kids Credit Union has evolved from a basic savings plan to a financial education program. “Southern Chautauqua FCU is committed to building a strong financial future for the children living in Chautauqua County,” said John Felton, Southern Chautauqua Federal Credit Union CEO.

The Jackson Center was introduced to the school-based program through one of its long-term docents, Mel Feather, who is also on the Board of Directors at the SCFCU. Feather explained that the Kids Credit Union begins in second grade with a savings goal for each academic year and a monthly financial education lesson. Lessons cover topics such as saving, goal setting, interest and the importance of a healthy credit score. The lessons are designed to expose children to financial concepts at an early age and build a solid foundation for financial well-being. Children are encouraged to open a savings account with the Kids’ Credit Union program. Each member is asked to work toward a savings goal for his/her current age/grade level. If the member meets his/her yearly savings goal, that exact amount is converted into a CD, which will earn an outstanding dividend of 10% and never fall below 5%. Children who join by second grade, and meet all savings goals, will graduate with $10,000. Those who join earlier will likely have more money to begin their adult lives.

The Jackson Center is grateful for the SCFCU’s generous gift of $2,000 to the center in support of its Young Readers program. Since the date of the event, the center received numerous responses from attendees indicating how inspirational and encouraging our Young Readers program was for an audience of students from New York and Pennsylvania. The Jackson Center looks forward to future opportunities to partner with the SCFCU and empower local students to become the next generation of successful community leaders through education and financial responsibility.

The Robert H. Jackson Center is a 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization that envisions a global society where the universal principles of equality, fairness and justice prevail. The Center invites and engages scholars, educators, national officials and international dignitaries to analyze contemporary issues of peace and justice through the relevance of Justice Jackson’s body of work.