It’s Old Home Week in Frewsburg Again: Where Memories are Made


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Walt Pickut

Old Home Week returns to Frewsburg on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, August 27 through 29 with rides, games, amusements, traditional Firemen’s Foods, a beer tent, fireworks and the always popular Grand Parade at 5:00 p.m. on Saturday evening.
Tom Moore, chairman for the event and owner of Spectacular Sports in Frewsburg, has been involved at just about every level of planning and staging Frewsburg’s 3-day Gala Days event and Old Home Week since 1985.
“It’s a lot of work,” Moore said, “but everybody pitches in and makes it a lot of fun. We live in a very supportive town,” Moore added with obvious pride. “They really appreciate what we do and we are proud to serve.”
Moore is also an active member of the all-volunteer Frewsburg Fire Company, all of whom are involved in one way or another in making the day a success, from preparing and selling Frewsburg’s famous “Firemen’s Food” to parading their gleaming trucks down Main Street, to proudly showing the public around the firehouse and all of their critical, life saving equipment.
Frewsburg is expecting to welcome as many as 5000 people this year to see the parades and displays, ride the Carnival rides and enjoy the food. “If the weather is really nice we might even see more people than usual this year,” Moore said.
Firemen’s food includes traditional favorites like hot dogs, hamburgers, the hometown fish fry and zesty Italian sausage. The carnie food supplied by the carnival ride company includes other traditional favorites like cotton candy, pizza and the ever popular and ever present Fowler’s candies.
Staging the carnival is the fire departments major annual fundraiser, according to John Lindsay, the communities volunteer Fire Chief. But when asked why so many members of the community not only volunteer their time but even risk their lives, his answer is simple and straightforward. “We just want to help the community we live in.”
That simple answer is at the base of a very sincere commitment evidenced by what Lindsay calls, “A lot of thank yous we get,” written or spoken and always heartfelt.
Over the last year the Frewsburg Fire Company has responded to more than 325 emergency calls, 80% of which were for Emergency Medical Services. The job is often of life and death importance, sometimes quite dangerous and all accomplished by volunteers. Other fundraisers, always well supported by their grateful public, include the October Gun and Sports Show at the fire department’s Rec Hall, the November Turkey Party, the annual Boot Drive and more.
“Old Home Week is a way to give back and share,” Lindsay said. “Come on down.”

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