It’s All About Power

My friend has a new car that’s so high tech, driving it is like sitting inside a plush computer and flying through space. And it’s got power to burn.

Funny thing, though, all that power is still rated in yesterday’s old fashioned units… the power of horses, 450 of them, to be precise.

Then there’s one of the brightest spotlights you can buy to find your way home on a dark summer night. It’s built with 21st century technology and super advanced science. But guess how it’s rated for brightness… it’s rated as a 3,000,000 candle power unit.

And old timers still recall rating air conditioners in tons… of ice. A high powered, 12,000 BTU living room chiller is rated as a 1 ton unit because it removes as much heat as melting a one ton block of ice over twenty-four hours. It goes back to the days when refrigerators were called ice boxes.

So while we’re on the subject of power, how about the most powerful thing in the entire universe? It’s called a hypernova, which is not something you see every day. When a star 150 times the size of our sun explodes, it’s called a hypernova and it releases the energy in 10 trillion trillion billion megaton hydrogen bombs. Now, that’s power.

But this week your Jamestown Gazette invites you to experience a completely different kind of power, and it’s a lot more fun than bombs and blocks of ice. It’s people power, and that’s the power that drives dragons.

Dragons need people for power, usually 10 of them at a time.

Dragon boats, that is. They live on Chautauqua Lake and set out from Celoron Park. These dragons like to race, and that’s where people power comes in. And some of them are very powerful.

At the present time, for instance, the Philippine National Dragon Boat Team holds the World Record of a mere 40.02 seconds over a 200 meter course. But if you head on down to Celoron for our very own Dragon Boat Race, you probably won’t see any new records set. This event is all for fun.

There will be winners, but never a loser anywhere.

Enjoy the race, and, of course, enjoy the read.

Walt Pickut