Invasive Species Task Force Meeting

The Emerald Ash Borer is an example of one of the invasive species that is impacting our region. Learn more about the Emerald Ash Borer and other invasives at the Invasive Species Task Force meeting at the Roger Tory Peterson Institute of Natural History on March 14 at 9 a.m. All are invited.

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Roger Tory Peterson Institute of Natural History

The public is invited to the meeting of the Invasive Species Task Force on Wednesday March 14 from 9-11 AM at the Roger Tory Peterson Institute of Natural History, 311 Curtis St., Jamestown, N.Y.

The meeting is for anyone interested in learning more about these species and providing input.

In 2014, concerned professionals, scientists, resource managers, local officials and private citizens came together to establish what started as the Chautauqua County Emerald Ash Borer Task Force. Since its induction, the task force has broadened its focus to include all forest pests that threaten our natural areas, backyard woodlots and street trees throughout the county.

Not all species are perceived with equal value, particularly when it comes to invasive species. Invasive species are non-native plants or animals that forcibly take up residence after accidental or purposeful introduction within natural areas, community parks and beyond. In such areas, these invasive drive out native species causing loss of biodiversity, habitat resilience and in some cases environmental services. As they spread, these species also take a swing at human health and our wallets. Across the globe, species are being introduced to new places wreaking havoc wherever they go and costing billions of dollars to remove and repair areas they’ve taken over. Within Chautauqua County, over 100 invasive species cohabitate with us and our native species, posing both environmental and economic threats. While the numbers may seem overwhelming, various groups have formed within the county to work together to come up with management solutions for specific species or general groups of species.

For more information about the task force, please contact Elyse Henshaw at or by calling 716-665-2473 ext. 231.