Mickie Muirhead Owner of HireTheHelp.com
Mickie Muirhead Owner of HireTheHelp.com
Mickie Muirhead
Owner of HireTheHelp.com

Contributing Writer
Katie Smith

The story behind HireTheHelp.com reflects the passion Michele (Mickie) Muirhead brings to her company and the variety of experiences she has had. A friend of Mickie’s broke her arm and persuaded Mickie to step in and help her run her cleaning business. Mickie discovered she loved the work and, even when her friend recovered, she continued to work in the business.

Over time, many clients asked for supplemental services – minor repairs, small household chores, shopping assistance and so on. A Falconer resident since Mickie was 6, her degree in social work, plus her experience in a number of other positions, gave her an extensive network of contacts that she tapped into.

The requests continued, a business was born and has continued to grow over the last seven years. Mickie is quick to give credit to the Small Business Development Center at JCC for their help with a business plan and the logistics needed by a startup. They also connected Mickie with Mike Montes who helped with initial advertising and design of her business logo, brochures and website.

“I believe it’s hard work. Listening to clients that has made this a success,” Mickie said. “I carefully talk to the people who call looking for help, I like to know about them and understand what they are looking for.”

“But before I send contractors into someone’s home,” she added, “I check their references and professional contacts and I get to know them in a face to face interview. It’s very important to me to make the right match, to send the right person into someone’s home.”

The requests that come in to HireTheHelp.com span the ordinary – housecleaning, home repair and chore services, yard work, pet sitting, packing, companion work, as well as the seasonal – leaf raking, snow removal, fire wood delivery, shopping, gift wrapping and decorating for holidays. There is also the really unusual – help with the burial of a pet, fireplace mantel restoration and water diversion.

In addition to individuals Mickie has a relationship with, and can link to those in need, she also works with professional companies in the area and will refer the larger, more extensive jobs to them.


“I started the company because I really wanted to help people… so many of my customers don’t have family nearby. Calling around to find a worker can be difficult. I take great pride and pleasure in being able to fill their needs and match them up with the perfect worker,” Mickie said.

Mickie is now delighted to announce that within only the last few weeks she and her staff have moved to a new, more spacious and comfortable location at 200 Harrison Street in Jamestown which she believes will serve her clients and contractors even better than before.

HireTheHelp.com can be reached at 716.665.1266. To learn more, log onto www.HireTheHelp.com and Facebook where readers can find customer reviews and see general information Mickie says will benefit her visitors.

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