Heritage Partners with Job Corps Students on Courtyard Renovation

Job Corps Students who worked on The Courtyard at The Green project in front of the newly installed privacy fence.
Job Corps Students who worked on The Courtyard at The Green project in front of the newly installed privacy fence.

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Heritage Ministries

The Courtyard at The Green, part of Heritage is a part of a secure area for Heritage Memory Care residents, and exists for the enjoyment of residents and their families. Because our goal at Heritage is to provide residents and families with beauty and more ways to appreciate purposeful living we decided it was time to refurbish the area with something that was more pleasing and functional which would allow residents to use the area more easily.

The maintenance team at Heritage’s The Green, located in Greenhurst, NY, along with students from the Cassadaga Job Corps, grabbed the opportunity to transform an old outdated space in the Parkside Courtyard into a beautiful retreat for our loved ones.

“The Courtyard area had just become overgrown over the years, it was difficult to maintain, it was not inviting or attractive, and we felt there were so many ways to enhance the area for our residents,” said Randall Jackson, Director of Environmental Services for The Green.

Job Corps students worked alongside the maintenance team from Heritage in digging out the Courtyard below the concrete level with pics and shovels, and then transporting the debris via wheelbarrow out through the hallway to the outside for disposal with a tractor. “One of the project complications was that the Courtyard is completely internal, and surrounded by the building with no outer exit/entrance points,” Jackson further stated. “The Job Corps students were extremely conscientious of our residents and the requirements we needed to keep at the facility. They worked hard to ensure our residents were not disrupted.”

After clearing the area and debris, the students rolled out and cut new landscape fabric, placed 12 yards of colored round stone throughout the area, and dug and installed a privacy fence section near the door to hide the hose, accessories, and air conditioning condenser unit.

The next phase of their project will involve the placement of 3 park benches for residents and their families at The Green to utilize in the new Courtyard to enjoy their surroundings. The Activities department will then complement the bench areas with flowered planters, and raised garden beds to provide easy accessibility for residents.

“This was a great collaborative project to work on, and both the students and their supervising instructor were a pleasure to work with,” said Jackson. “We can’t thank the Job Corps students enough for helping to make the space so much more usable and know that our residents will enjoy the changes for many years to come.“

“I can’t tell you how pleased I am and how hard these young people worked for our residents,” stated Cheryl Farr, Administrator at The Green “Their dedication and work ethic was commendable, and we look forward to working on additional projects in the future.”

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