Harvest and Enjoy Fall’s Bounty at Audubon Workshop, Sunday Afternoon, October 1

At the final session of Audubon Community Nature Center’s gardening series, you can harvest the last veggies, fruit, and tubers of the season, discuss how to prepare for next year, and feast on the bounty at the home of organic gardeners Scott and Pam Stoleson in Sugar Grove, Pennsylvania. These Asian pears will be among the treats at the Sunday afternoon, October 1, event.

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Audubon Community Nature Center

Beans, winter squash, Asian pears, apples, and quince.

These are some of the veggies, fruits, and tubers of the season that you can harvest and enjoy at the final session of Audubon Community Nature Center’s gardening series on Sunday afternoon, October 1.

You are invited to the home of organic gardeners Scott and Pam Stoleson in Sugar Grove, Pennsylvania, for the 1-3 p.m. event.

Likely things you will be able to pick and sample include Shinseiki and Yoinashi Asian pears, Beurre Bosc pears, Rose Finn and Austrian Crescent potatoes, winter squashes, American hazelnuts, and Aromatnaya Quince.

You will also discuss planting a cover crop in harvested areas to replenish the soil’s organic material, preparing to plant the first plants for next season (garlic!), and putting the garden to bed for the winter.

The finale will be a feast of home-grown veggies, possibly augmented by harvests from other farms nearby.

Scott and Pam Stoleson have been raising some of their own food for more than 15 years. They estimate that they produce 85% of the vegetables, 50% of the fruit, and 10% of the nuts that they consume.

Keep in mind that you could get dirty.

Fee for the workshop is $19, $15 for Nature Center members.

Enrollment is limited. Paid reservations are required by Wednesday, September 27, and can be made by calling (716) 569-2345 during business hours or through the Programs page at www.auduboncnc.org.

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