The Fire & Ice Ball

A Celebration of Success

Article Contributed by
Walt Pickut

Fire and Ice! This year it’s a spectacular collection of fire opals and diamonds set in fine gold and a fistful of $2,000 in cold… hard… cash. And that’s only the start of what Jamestown’s 4th annual Fire & Ice Ball has to offer its guests on Saturday evening at 6:00 p.m., February 4, 2017 at Artone’s elegant showroom and ballroom in Jamestown, New York.

The Fire & Ice Ball is an annual gala celebration that the Jamestown Rotary Club offers to its community to celebrate and support its historic and world changing initiatives as they move into the 21st Century, working to create a future of health, peace and prosperity at home and around the globe.

“We’re especially proud to hold our annual ball in Jamestown this year,” said Kathy Benson, one of Rotary’s event organizers and an HR Specialist at Artone. Their beautiful ballroom reflects the company’s pride in continuing Jamestown’s historic tradition as the “Furniture Capital of the World” since the late 1800s. “We are honored to work with the Jamestown Rotary Club to host this event,” said Michael Calimeri, Artone’s President.

Rotarian’s and Friends having fun at Fire And Ice Ball. Mark & Stacey Hannon, Barbara & John Silo, Vicki & Robert McGraw.

The Celebration
Guests attending the ball, parking in the lighted lot directly across Allen Street, will be escorted at the door by tuxedoed attendants to the ballroom where a hand carved hot and cold buffet, catered by Andriaccio’s of Mayville, and two cash bars will welcome them. Dinner and hors d’oeuvres will be accompanied by the piano stylings of Infinity’s Ron Packard followed by dancing and music by the popular Porcelain Bus Drivers.

The celebration itself is, as always, about Rotary’s many local and worldwide programs which will be highlighted in an entryway gallery at the ball. One of them is the fight to end polio, one of humanity’s oldest plagues. The disease once sickened and killed more than 1000 people every day around the world but now less than 100 cases are seen in an entire year. Experts predict its final eradication may be as soon as 2018.

Rotary International, in partnership with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and WHO, has raised more than $1 ½ billion for vaccines to bring the world within a hair’s breadth of eliminating polio forever. Proceeds of the annual Fire & Ice Ball, last year reaching $10,000, offer every attendee a personal place in history and a stake in this historic achievement.

Spectacular Fire opal and diamond ring, part of the complete “Fire” jewelry collection, and a fistful of “Cold”…Hard…Cash amounting to $2,000, Fire & Ice Raffle prizes at the Ball.

The Prizes
“We thought people would like to go wherever they want to go this year or to enjoy their own choice of something special as a prize,” Kathy said. In the past, the club awarded the lucky 1st place winners of the annual Fire and Ice raffle prizes like a trip package, for instance a tropical Caribbean excursion. But this year, a single $10 raffle ticket – available from any Jamestown (noon) Rotary Club member – gives the 1st place winner a fistful of $2,000 in cold, hard cash for any logical, illogical or extravagant wish they want to fulfill.

The Fire prize has once again been generously donated by Gaylene’s of Jamestown. The Fire is a fine jewelry collection – earrings, necklace, and ring – set with rare and exotic, matched fire opals and diamonds set in 14 kt. gold valued at $1,800.

A 25-item silent auction will round out chances to take home valuable, beautiful and practical treasures of many kinds.

Rotarians David Troxell and his wife Marissa stand behind a group of students at the Cambodian school where they have been active in their education and school support.

The Rest of the Story
This gala event will also spotlight and support many of the Rotary Club’s other programs, the majority of which focus their attention directly on Jamestown and Chautauqua County. These include the Literacy Program which helps students discover the riches of the world around them through reading.

Study abroad is also offered to one or more Jamestown high school students each year through the Youth Exchange program. The Rotary also takes an active role in supporting the Boys and Girls Club of Jamestown which it founded here about 80 years ago. Many additional Jamestown Rotary initiatives have served Jamestown for nearly a century.

Around the world, Jamestown Rotary supports a school in Cambodia with books and grounds care and vision care, provides emergency shelters and drills clean water wells in Haiti and wherever safe water resources are unavailable, supports maternal healthcare in third world countries and entrepreneurship to overcome poverty in struggling economies, and many other philanthropic projects.

The Place to Be
Jamestown Gazette readers are invited to enjoy an evening at the Fire & Ice Ball, tickets $70 per person. Tickets are limited to 250. Call Kathy Benson, 489-7308 for tickets. The Artone Ballroom is located at 1089 Allen Street in Jamestown. The Rotary Club of Jamestown’s 100+ members are always delighted to welcome into membership men and women who have a passion to personally serve and grow the Greater Jamestown region and who would enjoy the fellowship of a weekly luncheon and prominent, informative guest speakers every Monday at noon in downtown Jamestown. Ask any Rotarian to learn more.