Family Services of the Chautauqua Region Implements Electronic Health Record Program

(L to R) Dr. Kelly Burkhouse, Tracey Spinuzza, Pat Bohn, Jane Chambers, Jim McElrath, Patty Humm. In front is Dana Rentfrow, Senior Training Specialist for Compulink

JAMESTOWN – New technology designed to improve the efficiency of care for clients of Family Service of the Chautauqua Region has been made possible thanks to grants from the Ralph C. Sheldon Foundation and the Hultquist Foundation. This $56,000 project is designed improve access to client records that are stored on a central computer, making it available to providers on a secure network. This will eliminate the need for paper charts.

This new system will streamline the medical record process, providing for better record keeping. It also creates client history and database. Clinicians will spend less time on record keeping and more time with the clients. With the click of their mouse, the clinician can access information on their client. With this new technology, the clinicians can operate at a much higher level of detail on each client.

The billing process is also streamlined. Once the information is put into the computer, the billing is calculated and sent to the provider. This saves a great deal of administrative time that can be spent on other client related tasks.

After an extensive review of current products on the market for mental heatlh agencies, Family Service of the Chautauqua Region has chosen Compulink – Psych Advantage as its Electronic Health Record provider. Their services included a two day training for staff which was recently held and pictured above. The practice management portion of the program went live August 1st and the medical records portion will go live September 1st.

Clients can expect better efficiency and improved quality of care.