Everything old is…

New again! …I hope.

Or else, what am I going to do with all those old, narrow ties and an almost-antique Polaroid camera that can’t spit out its chemical-soaked, cardboard pictures anymore, and even – if I can admit it without blushing – some old ‘70s flower-embroidered bell bottoms lurking in the back of my closet.

A new word I’ve learned recently might help me overcome my problem of pack-ratting all that old stuff. It’s not re-cycling, it’s called Up-cycling.
Up-cycling is somewhere between restoring a thing and re-purposing it – turning something old into something not only new, but sometimes quite different.

For example, I recently saw a clock made out of an old bicycle wheel hanging on the wall of a bike repair shop. The owner loved to say his clock always “spoke” the right time.” That’s up-cycling a bike wheel, alright.
Then there’s restoring old stuff by using new stuff – a different kind of up-cycling. Like my old, 2-color car: red and rust. There’s nothing better than a bunch of new Bondo Reinforced Body Filler and glossy paint to help me up-cycle the poor, old thing.

Beyond that, there are the real recycling and up-cycling masters. The craft of restoring and up-cycling becomes an authentic art form in the hands of the people who restore the finest, old vintage horseless carriages of yester year, the antique car restorers.

Do not miss the World Series of Cars on Sunday, July 23. Every vehicle there, whether a car or a truck or a hybridized version of something else – from century-old originals to 50s hot rods – have been rebuilt with the passion of real artists. Head on down to Bergman Park and be amazed, even inspired, by 400 of the most beautifully restored, sleek and polished, rebuilt and up-cycled vehicles ever, waiting row upon row in the sun for your inspection and admiration.

And perhaps the best part of the event is that “the old” in this annual event is always here in support of “the new” …the kids who come to Jamestown to play in their own, nationally famous Babe Ruth World Series of Baseball down at the Russell E. Diethrick, Jr. Park.

So, this week, your Jamestown Gazette invites you to join in the “old-made-new” World Series of Cars in support of the newest and best kids from across the nation bringing their best game to Jamestown’s diamond, the nation’s home of the Babe Ruth World Series.

Enjoy the show and enjoy the read.

Walt Pickut