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Catherine Johnner has been an accountant all of her life. But she also loves the kind of games her large, competitive family played like “The Amazing Race” and “Survivor.” Johnner enjoyed going to Escape Rooms with her children when she lived in St. Lewis, Missouri and with friends in Erie, Pennsylvania. After five years of working for an accounting firm in St. Lewis, she moved back to Jamestown and was faced with a major decision: should she re-grow her business or do something completely different? Johnner’s addiction to Escape Rooms and her excitement for games ultimately led her to take on the adventure of creating Escape Rooms Jamestown.

“The Escape Rooms are a great opportunity for people looking for something new and exciting to do in Jamestown,” Johnner said. Escape Rooms Jamestown opened in June, located on the second floor of 20 West Third Street. This spacious building is the perfect place for families and friends to exercise their brainpowers and bond while working together.

New Adventure in Town
“Anybody who wants to find something good to do in Jamestown just has to come here!” Johnner said.

Three large, themed Escape Rooms hold a variety of mysteries for teammates who will look for clues, solve puzzles and perform fascinating tasks all within one hour in order to escape. Johnner’s love for scuba diving inspired the theme of her signature room, Our Lady of Atocha.

“People always say, ‘Do what you know,’ and I’m an avid scuba diver,” Johnner said.

Our Lady of Atocha is an underwater treasure hunt based on an actual ship that sank off the harbor of Havana, Cuba in 1622. The first room challenges adventurers with ‘above the water’ action, while in the second room explorers snatch up buried treasure and make their escape from Johnner’s underwater adventure.

The Escape Rooms offer an escape for anybody who needs a break from reality. While creating her wonderful escapes, one of Johnner’s close friends told her that after long and demanding days, the last thing she wants to do on the weekends is something stressful. Johnner decided to create the Board Room in her honor.

“We’re concentrating on the fun factor here, fun activities for anybody’s down time,” Johnner said.

Corporate Escapes
The Board Room is a thrilling and challenging room to take on, with board games spread across tables and lining the walls. The room is filled with 40 stations of these entertaining childhood games, from games like Battleship to Candy Land. Players put their heads together to uncover secret combinations and discover keys before unlocking corresponding lockers and ultimately solving the puzzle. Johnner said Escape Rooms Jamestown is also creating a team-building program for companies.

“We would either open all three rooms at once and simply let their people come and have a good time, or help them use the rooms as a team-building event,” Johnner said. This would include a program that caters to the companies’ needs, with Escape Rooms set up based on different developmental patterns. “The most successful teams work together,” Johnner said.

Mutineers Ahoy!
Johnner is collaborating with the Summer Wind to create Escape Rooms on the cruise ship. The plan is to have a cocktail cruise with Escape Rooms open to the public for one day in August, date to be determined. The theme is ‘Mutiny!’ Players will use their wits to actually take over the Summer Wind. This unique cruise could be slated for additional days if the event is a success.

The Escape Rooms are open Wednesday and Friday from 3 to 11 p.m. and Saturday and Sunday from noon to 11 p.m. The cost is $25 per person, but on “Bargain Wednesdays” the price is only $15 per person. The minimum number of people to occupy a room is three, while the maximum number is eight.

Learn More
Visit Escape Rooms Jamestown on Facebook, check out the website at or to book a room (Our Lady Atocha, The Board Room or Consequences), call (716) 217-9039 or simply stop in at 20 West Third Street, Second Floor, Suite 9 in Jamestown, during their open hours.

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