What a concept! I think the other word for it is called Vacation!

I hope your work-a-day world isn’t so crazy you really need to escape from it for vacation. But sometimes we do call it a “getaway,” right?

People do some amazing things to get away for vacation. And sometimes the more extreme the better. How about these…

✓ Space-cation: A company called Space Adventures promises to blast you off in a Soyuz spacecraft on a seven-day cruise around the Moon and show you the Earth from 250,000 miles away. Only four months of training in Star City, Russia, and $100 million will get you there. Hurry! Only two seats available.

✓ Sky ‘n Ski-cation: For something more physical how about Alaskan Heli-Skiing? For super-advanced skiers looking for the planet’s most extreme winter-sports, head to Alaska where a helicopter will drop you atop the Chugach Mountains. No way down but your skis and miles of fresh powder. Enjoy!

✓ Nake-cation: In case you want something a little weirder…A recent poll found that 48 percent of Americans might enjoy a nude beach. Probably designed for travelers looking to travel light. Avoid those hefty airline baggage fees. Why not?

OK, maybe getting away isn’t always all it’s cracked up to be. There are those expenses, dangers, and just plain weirdnesses to consider – whether in customs, languages or even the food.

But just about everybody I know has already experienced at least one of those adventures on vacation, and the first time – or even second or third time – the adventure is well worth it all. You have thousands of pictures and hundreds of stories to keep it all memorable and to show all your friends.

So now, how about something really different?

Every year thousands of people come here for an escape of their own from all across the country and all around the world. Why not join them? Escape for yourself, right here at home. Leave behind all the things you’ve done over and over before.

This week your Jamestown Gazette invites you to come home for vacation. You might enjoy leaving behind the whirlwind tours like the one that left Dorothy and Toto wandering through Oz saying, after all, “There’s no place like home!”

Staycations are here. Enjoy all the exciting attractions and peaceful byways of our own back yard. There are many, and many are truly world-class.

In a very real way, the everyday troubles you want to escape on vacation will follow you wherever you go. It’s not the places you go that can bring you enjoyment, it’s the freedom of spirit you take with you that creates the best vacations. No amount of money, time and travel can do that for you. Just relax, there really is no place like home. Enjoy!

And whether or not you’ve picked out all of your summertime beach books yet, you’ve got your very own Jamestown Gazette in your hands right now, so please enjoy the read.

Walt Pickut