Editor Publishes Book, Article


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Jamestown Gazette Staff

Can people who are blind really see the stars? Could the people of Earth survive if the world escaped from the sun and flew off into space on its own?

Those are two intriguing questions Jamestown Gazette Editor Walt Pickut studied recently and published his results in a new book titled Starways End and in a nationally recognized science journal called Nautilus, in an article titled “How the Blind See the Stars.”

In a true story that begins at Frewsburg’s Martz/Kohl Observatory, Pickut reveals amazing stories of blind amateur and professional astronomers, some working with NASA, who are investigating the deepest mysteries of the universe in startling new ways, and how local, visually impaired students can personally experience the wonders of space. Read “How the Blind See the Stars” online at Nautilus-Science Connected at their website: nautil.us.

In an experimental science fiction novel titled Starways End – Surviving Earth’s Catastrophic Flight Across the Galaxy readers will follow the 1,000 year saga of disaster, survival and an inspiring encounter with ET at starways end. The unsolved mystery at the book’s core is whether the exploits of a sufficiently advance intelligence might appear to be catastrophic natural phenomena. This YA targeted (G-rated) book is available at Amazon: Starways End.