Don’t Look Now…

This one’s for women only. Men, don’t peek!

OK, go ahead. I know you can’t help it, anyway. And besides, this question is really for everybody.

How come the Women’s Movement – the one that historians say might have begun as long ago as 1848 in the United States – the one that was supposed to finally help forge a much needed equality between men and women – is the same movement that created so many “Women Only” events, places, products and the like?

Maybe it’s because so many men, for so many centuries…even millennia… have enjoyed “Men Only” privileges, like men’s clubs, jobs, products and so much more.

So somebody in the Women’s Movement eventually said, “OK, now it’s time for us to see what the fun was all about in all that exclusivity. And the “Us Only – Them Only” games began.

The next historical step in all this “Us Only” back-and-forth was, fortunately, much more logical. It was: “Let’s just open some doors!”

All-male colleges became co-ed. Women’s universities admitted men. The military became more equalitarian… and the walls kept coming down. Certainly not all of them, yet, but at least the rubble of some of those walls of Exclusivity now lines at least a few of our streets.

I once had the privilege of spending some time with Erika Jong, the novelist who wrote the controversial novel “Fear of Flying” and helped usher in the so-called “Second-Wave of Feminism”.

I offered my opinion – because she asked.

“The gender wars have missed an important point,” I said.

“What’s that?” She asked.

“We can be friends.”

Between friends, there are no closed doors, there is no excluding. The war is over when we simply stop shooting at each other.

Fortunately, for most of us there is no war. We are, after all, having too much fun enjoying the celebrated differences between the sexes and, as they say in New Orleans, “Laissez le bon temps rouler,”… Let the good times roll.

So what’s the point this week? Men, you have been invited. For good reason. Please read about the LUNAFEST – A movie festival which presents amazing, award-winning short films by, for, and about women.

But this year’s organizers understand the most important point behind so much talented and sensitive work…We’re all in this together. It’s the human condition we talk about when we talk about women’s issues and it’s the human condition we talk about when we talk about men’s issues.

Lunafest is a chance for us all to talk to each other about who we are and who our friends are. The organizers of this year’s LUNAFEST, Jamestown’s Zonta Club, have invited everybody because they know who we are. Cortney’s got the invitation for you. It’s right on the front page.

Enjoy a wonderful night at the movies with a friend. And, of course, enjoy the read with your Jamestown Gazette.

Walt Pickut