Democrats Seeking Candidates for the Fall Elections

Article Contributed by
County Democratic Party Chair Norman P. Green

One hundred eighty-two elected public office holders have expiring terms this November in Chautauqua County and their offices will be on the Nov. 7, 2017 General Election ballot.

County Democratic Party Chair Norman P. Green is calling on any interested citizen to consider a run for elective office.

“It’s the job of the political parties to recruit candidates and to assist interested citizens in running for public office. As my part of our recruitment of candidates, I wish to cast the widest net possible and to welcome any and all citizens regardless of political affiliation or experience to come forward and throw their proverbial hat in the ring.

“Candidate running on our line will find that our Democratic Party assists in technical petitioning to qualify him or her for the ballot and will provide training for the ins-and-outs of campaigning. Financial assistance and fund raising is also available to all candidates.

“Our party absolutely is welcoming and our door is wide open for candidates and activists who are looking to help good people to get involved. Our founding county fathers apparently loved democracy, because we have over 500 county elected officials spread out over 17 towns, 2 cities, 13 villages and 18 school districts. We have lots of opportunity for new ideas, that’s for sure.

“I welcome anyone to contact me about the public office opportunities and how to run. This is the time to make that decision, as the nomination process for November begins in early June. Anyone can contact me via e-mail at or at Post Office Box 279, Mayville NY 14757

“My personal candidate recruitment focus is county executive, county clerk and county legislature. Folks can determine their legislature district by viewing the maps or using the personal voter information look-up widget at or by calling the Board of Elections at 753-4580,” concluded Green.