Crèche Jamestown Announces Annual Tag Day Event

L to R: Tag Days Committee Chairs Kathy O'Hagan, Mary Lee Lindros, and Diana Pantall

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Crèche Jamestown

On May 11th Creche will be asking members of the community to help children in need during their annual Tag Days. On May 11th Creche members will be at Brigiotta’s on Fairmount Ave and Livingston Ave and Wal-mart. You will recognize the Creche members by their bright blue and yellow canisters.

Creche is an all-volunteer organization, dedicated to the care of children for 119 years. Every penny of the money raised goes directly to support children in our area.

The majority of the money raised goes for necessities for children. Things like diapers, formula, clothing, blankets, sheets, beds and cribs to name just a few. At Christmas Creche adopts a family from each school district providing pants, shirts, socks, underwear, sweatshirts, hats, gloves and coats for each child. They are beautifully wrapped and given as gifts. They go to grateful families who are beyond excited. But we know that these are necessities not luxuries.

Backpacks are provided to all the area schools. These backpacks and supplies go to children who wouldn’t have any school supplies. One administrator says children with no supplies feel it worst on that first day. When all the other children are excited about their new backpacks, notebooks and pencils these children stand empty handed. These backpacks and supplies are not only practical and necessary. They make these children feel excited about the new school year.

Creche also donates pediatric equipment to UPMC Chautauqua Hospital. As well as comfort items to children in the mental health unit. And Creche provides summer camp to many children in our area.

Please open your hearts and support the Creche volunteers with the blue and yellow canisters. Or give at On June 7th & 8th, Creche will have additional Tag Days at Brigiotta’s on Livingston and Fairmount Ave locations.