Country Lane Holds Book Signing with Jamie Richir, Author of God in a Bottle on September 22

Jamie Richir is the author of God in a Bottle. The Country Lane will host her book singing on September 22.

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Jamie Richir

“In the spring of 2015, I noticed something was different, so my doctor started looking into it.  I found out in July that I had very aggressive stage three breast cancer,” said Jamie Richir. She authored a book entitled God in a Bottle about her journey. 

“I was the first one in my family on either side to have that, so it blindsided me,” said Richir. “I wasn’t prepared to hear that I had cancer.  I describe my initial reaction to the news as a ‘puddle on the floor’ until I remembered that I was a Christian and God had promised that He would never leave me or forsake me.  God was bigger than this struggle I was headed into.”

She continued, “this book is the journal I kept as I went through my cancer journey from the beginning until the end.  It wasn’t certain how my story was going to end, so I started a journal to leave for my daughter if I didn’t survive, in order to help her if she ever had to go through something really difficult and I wasn’t here.  Hopefully it would show her where I got my strength.”

“As I journaled,” she said, “I began to see how God was carrying me.  How he had prepared everything I would need ahead of time.  I said he showed up, but He was there all along and I just finally opened my eyes and saw how amazing and loving He was. I had been a Christian since I was baptized at age 11, but that was a religion.  I believe I traded my religion for a beautiful relationship with God during this struggle. This was my mountain and God showed me that I needed faith like a mustard seed to move it. Nothing, not even cancer, was bigger than my God.”

“It’s also a story of how God opened my eyes to see the good in people.  It took cancer for me to start focusing less on what I was doing and more on what was happening around me.  I know the news shows a lot of bad stuff going on both locally and around the world.  It’s easy to start questioning if there are many good people left, but I have come to realize that most people are good and sweet and want to be helpful and supportive.”

God In A Bottle is my cancer journey and a testimony of how God is right there for all of us no matter what we’re going through.  He’s bigger than anything we are dealing with and he’s more loving than we can even comprehend. He’s right here waiting for each of us.”

The Country Lane will host Richir as she will be signing her book, which is also sold at Amazon and Barnes and Nobel.