Cinderella or Super Hero?

That’s the big thing about March Madness basketball.

There’s always a place at the Big Dance for Cinderella to win it all, though usually the Super Hero title goes to somebody else. But that’s all part of the excitement. Nobody ever knows how it will all come out until the final buzzer.

This year, the nation’s bookies are predicting that Americans from Las Vegas to Atlantic City, in neighborhood bars from Moose Jaw to Miami, and in office pools all across the country will probably slap down more than $10 billion in betting on the outcome of this year’s March Madness.

Sometimes it all comes down to mere seconds before the final buzzer… when everything can still be won or lost on one last, desperate shot from way outside the 3-point line. It leaves the shooter’s hand and hangs in the air – seemingly forever – with the hopes and dreams, the sweat and pain of a whole season soaring on that 9 ½ -inch orange orb as it swoops down from the sky toward the 18-inch hoop waiting for just – one – more… swishhh.

And that’s just how it all came down last year when the Villanova Wildcat’s Kris Jenkins lofted his incredible buzzer beater to edge out North Carolina and bring 2016’s unforgettable March Madness to one of its most dramatic endings ever.

But regardless of the game, fans on the family couch, in the neighborhood pub or picking their spot in the office pool, quickly find themselves perched on the edge of their seats. From the moment the ref tosses the basketball up for grabs, a rush of adrenaline overtakes every fan… from the start of the game until the final buzzer sounds.

So whether you play on the court or you watch on the tube, you’re already in the game because you’re a fan. Who can watch an amazing slam dunk or a hard blocked shot or a soaring 3-pointer from the corner of the court without feeling their own heart beat a little harder and their breath come a little faster?

That’s why this week, Cortney’s cover story in the Jamestown Gazette invites us all out to our own home-grown March Madness. The Youth Indoor 3-on-3 Basketball Tournament at the Lakewood YMCA will draw 100s of players from across the region for 2 days of the most enthusiastic play and exciting competition anywhere.

The event is getting bigger every year and drawing more players and families to Jamestown than ever before. Join in and enjoy the spectacle. Spectators, after all, are totally part of the game.

Enjoy the fun on the court, and, as always, enjoy the read right here in the Jamestown Gazette.

Walt Pickut