Chautauqua County Hero’s Memorial Planned


Ariticle Contributed by
Susan Rowley
President, Blue Star Mothers

Local residents who attended The Lake Erie New York Chapter 4 of the Blue Star Mothers Gold Star Memorial last year, experienced the reverent remembrance and deep honor that day held for our Gold Star Heroes, their families and friends, and everyone in attendance. This year the Blue Star Mothers will be hosting the 2nd Annual Gold Star Memorial at the Jamestown Veterans Memorial Park on West Third Street at Harding and Logan Streets in Jamestown, on Saturday May 24th at 10 a.m.

A Blue Star Mother is one whose son or daughter is a serving member of the U.S. military and a Gold Star Mother is one whose child has died in service.

During the time of Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom, our county lost seven young men who made the ultimate sacrifice for our country…and our county. Last May we honored all of those seven, along with their families who have made just as much of a sacrifice. This year, we will be adding a few more names to that list and honoring more heroes, along with Chautauqua County Gold Star heroes dating back to 1985, along with their families.

Last year, a rock with a plaque was dedicated in remembrance to our Gold Star heroes, along with seven flowering cherry trees that were dedicated to ALL of Chautauqua County’s Gold Star heroes throughout time, from the Revolutionary War until our current war in Afghanistan. It is the hope of the Blue Star Mothers that when our community passes by these trees along West Third Street this spring and notices the trees in full bloom, they will be reminded of the sacrifices these local heroes made for our freedoms, along with the daily sacrifices of their families.

We will be holding a yearly memorial service on the Saturday before Memorial Day and placing a wreath at the Memorial Rock. We invite you to join us in remembering those local heroes who made the ultimate sacrifices for our country. Please bring a chair along with you as seating will be limited.