Chamber Corner – January 14, 2018


Article Contributed by
Todd J. Tranum
President and CEO of the Chautauqua County Chamber of Commerce

As a member of the Chautauqua County Chamber of Commerce you are part of one of the largest businesses associations in Western New York. The reasons why businesses choose to join the Chamber may be as numerous as the businesses themselves. Two key objectives for most of our membership are to make important business connections and get their company or product noticed in an effort to increase sales.
Businesses invest in the Chamber through their dues, and those dues empower the Chamber to aggregate products and services that are beneficial to the business community at large. One of those services is the Shoptauqua Gift Card. In 2018 our total Shoptauqua Gift Card sales increased more than 42%! The Shoptauqua program has had over a $3 million dollar impact since its inception. Chamber members participating in the program are getting access to over $100,000 in annual consumer spending. Any Chamber member business that is set up to accept Mastercard payments through a point of sale system can easily participate in the Shoptauqua program. Call our office to learn more, and let some of these dollars come back to your business.
Improving your online presence and referrals is another key way the Chamber makes a difference for local businesses. The Chamber revamped its entire website in 2018 and our state of the art system allows customers to easily find businesses in our online Business Directory. You can search by category, key word, or location to find a business to fill your needs. In addition, each Chamber business “page” online helps to boost search engine optimization for all members, and is fully integrated with Google Maps to make it easy for customers to find you.
Chamber members can log in to our Members Only site and check referral data for their business at any time. In addition, the online referral system features a handy Value on Investment overview. When a potential customer views, or better yet, clicks through to your business website or social media link from a listing on the Chamber website, those referrals are tracked in our system. Referrals mean business!
Your membership also allows you to submit information for the Chamber’s monthly online newsletter and calendar events for our Chautauqua Business Weekly email, which goes to nearly 2,500 business people in Chautauqua County on a regular basis, strengthening your businesses visibility.
Business After Hours events are held a number of times throughout the year in a variety of settings. Working with our six Community Chambers in Dunkirk, Fredonia, Hanover, Jamestown, Mayville-Chautauqua, and Westfield-Barcelona, the Chamber establishes opportunities for business people to meet other business people in a casual setting and get to know about the people and places that make our region unique.
For all of these reasons, and more, your Chamber of Commerce represents a good value for your business investment. To learn more, call the Chamber at 366-6200 or 484-1101 or visit us online at