CCHS Called to Assist ASPCA in Cat Rehoming


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Chautauqua County Humane Society

The Chautauqua County Humane Society is seeking the public’s help in rehoming barn cats from an ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) temporary shelter in New York City. Agencies all across the United States, including CCHS, are taking part in a massive operation to care for and rehome hundreds of cats that were believed to have been exposed to the avian flu virus, H7N2.

In early January, more than 450 cats were transported to the ASPCA temporary shelter through the ACC (Animal Care Centers of NYC). The cats have been quarantined at the facility ever since and have all recently been deemed healthy and are no longer contagious. The ASPCA recently reached out to CCHS to see if they would be willing to take in a number of these cats, a majority being feral barn cats. CCHS agreed to do so under the condition that individuals would need to commit to adopting the barn cats before they would be transferred to CCHS.

Barn cats are feral (semi-wild) and typically live on farms or in warehouses, stables, or other suitable outdoor locations. When owning a barn cat, the owner’s only responsibilities are to provide daily food/water and protection from the elements. Long-term vet care should also be considered. Experts suggest a short period of confinement so that the cats can adjust and accept your barn as their new home.

There are many benefits to adopting one of these barn cat(s), including the following:

  • Barn cats keep rodents and other unwanted pests out of your barn and property. They also protect your feed and other grains.
    The cats are already spayed/neutered and vaccinated and were given proper veterinary care.
  • To put it simply, you are saving a life! Feral cats are not suitable as companions in a family home therefore we need to find alternative placement for them, such as barns and warehouses.
  • There are no costs associated with adopting barn cats.

If you or anyone you know would be interested in adopting a barn cat(s), please contact Sue Bobek at 716.665.2209 ext. 212 or as soon as possible.

It should be noted that while CCHS assists the ASPCA in cases such as these, CCHS is not financially supported by the ASPCA in any way. CCHS is a local, non-profit organization that is not affiliated with or funded by any level of government nor by any national groups such as the ASPCA.

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The mission of the Chautauqua County Humane Society is to provide temporary shelter and rehabilitation for homeless animals for the purpose of finding permanent new homes. CCHS supports healthy pet initiatives through community involvement, humane education and animal care for people in need.