The Secrets of Champions

By Bill Burk I sat in the back of the room and thought, “This is extremely cool.” The guest lecturer was putting my coaching staff through their paces, teaching basic principles for developing peak performance in athletes. The knowledge being dropped was revolutionary and foreign to this veteran group. The room was tense, like I […]

JCC men’s Health Night Planned Nov. 12

George Carlo, performance coach for the Detroit Tigers, will present “Secrets of Champions” during a men’s health night program at Jamestown Community College’s Jamestown Campus from 6:30 to 9:30 p.m. on November 12. The program, sponsored by JCC’s campus health center, will be held in the Physical Education Complex and is open to male students […]

Running From Zombies

Running From Zombies

By Bill Burk Take a 4 mile course through woods and fields, add a bunch of “what the heck’s THAT doing in my way” obstacles, and toss in sadistic volunteer firemen hosing down something called Thor’s mud-pit (also in your way), and you have, more or less, the Muddy Viking. The Adventure Race/Mud Run was […]

Muddy Vikings Run to Support Local Charities

“Can you really call them ‘runners’ if they’re slipping and sliding, hip deep in mud?” A recent conversation with Steve Biegner, Executive Director of Lutheran Charities of Western New York, left the questioner in no doubt. “Come and watch 600 Muddy Viking runners next Saturday and see for yourself,” he said, laughing. “We only expected […]

11th Annual Heritage Golf Challenge Results

JAMESTOWN – The 11th annual Heritage Golf Challenge presented by Premier Consulting Associates, Buffalo Hospital Supply, Bonadio & Co., LLP and Lake Shore Paving Inc. took place on Monday, August 27th at Chautauqua Golf Club. Over 90 golfers participated in this year’s Golf Challenge. Representing the winning foursome from AVI Foodsystems with a net score […]