One of Our Own! Randy Anderson

One of Our Own! Randy Anderson

“I’m kind of a private guy,” he says with a chuckle. “I’d rather talk about the organizations than myself.” A kind and giving man, Randy Anderson likes to focus his energies outward, giving back to the community that he is so dedicated to. Throughout his enriching teaching career, his years of coaching, and current presidency […]

Lucy Miller

Article by Katrina Fuller Lucy sits comfortably in her recliner, a smile on her face and a glimmer in her eyes. All around the living room, the pieces of her life fit together much like the puzzle that sits on her table, wait-ing to be completed. “I love puzzles,” Lucy says, motioning to the red barn […]

ONE OF OUR OWN – Helen Merrill Directing the Shows, Casting the Community

Contributed by Katrina Fuller The lobby is abuzz with sewing machines, tables piled high with fabric and faux fur trim, as the costume production of “Cats” is in full swing. “Will this look better with the white fur, or maybe strips of the black?” Helen Merrill, the director, wonders aloud, as her fingers deftly place strip […]