Second Observatory Dome Installed

Contributing Writer Walt Pickut, Board of Directors, MMMAA The Martz Observatory is proud to announce the installation of its second dome to house the Kohl Telescope, generously donated by Dr. Ronald Kohl of Lakewood and relocated to Martz’s newly expanded facility in Frewsburg through a generous grant recently awarded to the Martz Astronomical Association. With this new […]

We Can Almost See it From Here

Contributing Writer Walt Pickut Board of Directors, MMMAA Once again, the science of astronomy and a pioneering spacecraft have delivered a big surprise from far out in deep space. Ten years ago the European Space Agency launched a spacecraft named Rosetta on a long chase trajectory that would take it a billion kilometers from home, […]

The Observatory Goes to School

Contributing Writer Walt Pickut Board of Directors, MMMAA Space is the 21st Century’s newest and hottest frontier for business, industry, travel and soon, even tourism. Space is leading the coming revolution in education and employment. Schools are gearing up for this new demand with a new curriculum called STEM, Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. As […]

What is Martz’s New Observatory?

Contributing Writer Walt Pickut Board of Directors, MMMAA We humans have been looking up at the stars in wonder for thousands of years. Every culture throughout history has left evidence that they studied the night sky, measured it, mapped it and consulted its flawless clock. From Galileo’s first spyglass to the Hubble Space Telescope, ever […]

Martz Astronomers Spot Blowup

Contributing Writer Walt Pickut Board of Directors, MMMAA A massive explosion lit up a galaxy far away and long ago—about 11 million years ago—but its light just reached Earth this year. As soon as it was spotted by students in London, astronomers around the world scrambled to study images on an hour-by-hour basis to learn […]

Watching Stars Explode

Article Contributed by Walt Pickut Board of Directors, MMMAA Sky watchers at the Martz Observatory in Frewsburg, New York, at observatories around the world and on several NASA spacecraft, were treated to two rare space events recently; two stars exploded in our celestial neighborhood. Close, of course, is relative. One of the blasts, discovered about […]

What’s up in the Sky for 2014?

Contributing Writer Walt Pickut, Board of Directors, MMMAA Through more than a half century of operation, as human understanding of the universe has advanced, the Marshall Martz Observatory in Frewsburg has connected amateur astronomers, educators and scientists with resources that engage citizens in the adventure of scientific discovery. The Martz Observatory is a non-profit, public […]

November – A Month for Comets

Contributing Writer Walt Pickut Board of Directors, MMMAA Comets are beautiful, glowing visitors from deep space, diving into the center of the solar system for a warm brush with the sun then soaring back into the dark, cold void beyond the planets, maybe to return in a few years, centuries or eons. They are just […]