Planning a Trip for Cemetery Research

Contributing Writer Janet Wahlberg There are specific strategies that you will want to employ while doing cemetery research in order to maximize your time and effort especially if you have traveled any distance to do this research. Some topics to consider are: what to bring, lighting, taking photographs, reading the stones, and general rules of […]

Researching the Cemetery

Contributing Writer Janet Wahlberg Cemeteries can offer a great deal of information in your efforts to complete your family research. If you do not know where your family members are buried, start by asking older family members. They may be able to tell you or they may have obituaries that list the cemetery where your […]


Contributing Writer Janet Wahlberg There are so many facets to doing genealogical research that it can be overwhelming. Webinars are a tool that can provide a great deal of help. They are a more concise and concentrated method of instruction than a book or an all-day seminar allowing you to spend an hour in the […]

Message Boards

Contributing Writer Janet Wahlberg Hopefully all of you read last month’s article on resources located at the Hall House Research Center located on Forest Ave. and have made plans to stop by and do some research. This month I wanted to talk a bit about Message Boards. There are numerous Message Boards available that can […]

Local Resources for Research

Contributing Writer Janet Wahlberg For all of you who are researching your family history, don’t overlook the Hall Research Center at the Fenton History Center. It is packed full of books, files, maps, photos, folders and “How-To” books. There is something for researchers of all levels. There is a new project underway to provide folders […]

Census Substitutes for Ireland

Contributing Writer Janet Wahlberg March 17th is St. Patrick’s Day so it seems appropriate that we continue our discussion on Irish Research. In February I talked about the Tithe Applotment and Griffith Tax records. There are a number of census substitutes that may be used to research in Ireland and I will describe a few […]

Researching in Ireland

Contributing Writer Janet Wahlberg As we continue working on research in Ireland a brief history might be helpful. Ireland originally was populated by clans and tribes. These spent a great deal of time fighting among themselves. Then the English arrived in the 17th century. Their attempts to subjugate the Irish were somewhat less than successful. […]

Irish Research

Contributing Writer Janet Wahlberg Here we are in a New Year. I thought that I would tackle Irish research in a three part article. It can be very challenging as many of the records have been lost. However, it is not impossible. As always, the way to start is to gather up the facts that […]

The First Thanksgiving

Contributing Writer Janet Wahlberg Now that Halloween and our interest in ghosts and goblins has waned a bit, we begin to look forward to Thanksgiving. In 1863 President Abraham Lincoln officially declared the fourth Thursday in November as a day of Thanksgiving. Traditionally, the first Thanksgiving was held in 1621 at Plymouth Plantation in Massachusetts […]