Food, Family, and Detectives

Food, Family, and Detectives

Contributing Writer Janet Wahlberg Summer is just around the corner and with it comes all of those Family Gatherings. These are great opportunities to fill in some of the blanks in your research. As you make phone calls, send out invitations or e-mails there are some basic instructions or suggestions that you may wish to […]

Defective, Dependent, Delinquent

Contributing Writer Janet Wahlberg The final installment on the Non-Population Schedules is the DDD or Defective, Dependent and Delinquent Schedules. These schedules were only completed in 1880 and the government used the statistics collected to help with budgeting for institutions, prisons and financial aid for the disabled. The enumerator placed a tick mark under the […]

Mortality Schedules and Slave Schedules

Contributing Writer Janet Wahlberg Two more additions to the large collection of Non-Population Schedules are Mortality and Slave Schedules. These two schedules can help you to locate those who disappeared between the decennial census records and to open doors for those researching their Black ancestors. First let’s talk about the Mortality schedules. These were conducted […]

Agriculture and Manufacturing & Industrial Schedules

Contributing Writer Janet Wahlberg As promised last month, I will be going into more detail on the Non-Population Schedules. The information in the Agricultural, Manufacturing & Industry will allow you to form a much more complete and interesting image of the lives that your ancestors lived. Agricultural Schedules were actually taken from 1850 -1910; however, […]

Combing The Heather For Your Scots

Contributing Writer Janet Wahlberg Last month we talked about researching in Scotland. This month I will share more specific research tactics. As with all research, there are many on-line sources that can be used. A couple that I like to use are Scotland’s People, Find My Past, the, Clans, Cyndi’s List and of course […]

Searching Scotland for Family

Contributing Writer Janet Wahlberg The 2009 census indicated that nearly 27.5 million Americans claimed Scottish ancestry. Do you have a Scot in your background? The Scots like most other immigrants came in different waves, the first of which occurred in the 1690s after several years of poor harvests. These folks came as indentured servants. Then […]

Preserving Documents & Photos

Contributing Writer Janet Wahlberg This month’s topic should help you to properly store and preserve all those photos and documents that you come across in your research. If you are a scrap booker as well as a genealogist, much of this will be familiar to you. The one common topic for both paper and photos […]

Genealogy Support Group

Contributing Writer Janet Wahlberg After many years of inactivity the Fenton Historical Society is reactivating their genealogy support group. It will be known as the Hall House Genealogy Support Group and will meet for the first time on Thursday September 3rd at 6PM at the Hall House on Forest Ave. The focus of the group […]