Do We Need Carbs to Survive?

Contributing Writer Jeffrey Barkstrom Common wisdom is that we need lots of carbs to think and perform athletically. Current research says otherwise. What’s the truth? Carbohydrates come in two varieties. Simple carbs are things like sugars and fruits. Complex carbs are things like grains and potatoes. During the 1970s, it became popular for athletes to […]

Join Me In the Kitchen

Join Me In the Kitchen

Contributing Writer Vicki McGraw Happy end of February! By now, I do believe most of us are really, REALLY sick of cold weather…I know for a fact my patience has run out on old man winter and I am anxiously awaiting gentle spring breezes. That being said however, I have really been enjoying having my […]

Down to Earth Astronomy in Everyday Life

Article Contributed by Walt Pickut, Martz/Kohl Board of Directors This month at the Martz-Kohl Observatory the public is invited to hear another always entertaining, informative and sometimes just plain fun presentation by Mr. Phil Evans, a long-time Martz-Kohl member and supporter. Evans is an eclectic historian of the space age and a collector of space […]

No Parking

…on the wrong side of the street, that is. Between October 1 and March 31 in Jamestown residential cars park on the odd side of the street on odd numbered days. Even numbered days must be too hard for some people to figure it out. On snowy days, cars on the wrong side make snow […]

We Are God’s Building

Without trying I can think of two Sunday Schools immediately that remind us the church is not a building. Can you sing the ones I’m thinking of?   The first says, “The church is not a building where people go to pray, it’s not made out of sticks and stones, it’s not made out of clay. […]

Solving a Family Puzzle with a Timeline

Solving a Family Puzzle with a Timeline

Contributing Writer Janet Wahlberg I have been using a timeline to solve a very challenging family puzzle. My husband’s great grandmother, Johanna Mathilda, was listed as the illegitimate daughter of the “town vagrant.” Her birth record found in the Swedish church records was the only place that I was able to locate her mother’s name, […]

Shed Antlers Hunting Is No Waste of Time

Shed Antlers Hunting  Is No Waste of Time

Contributing Writer Steve Sorensen The shed antler season is conveniently tucked right between the end of deer season and the beginning of spring gobbler season. Although it’s an unofficial season, that’s when the most serious hunters head for the woods to look for shed antlers in New York and Pennsylvania. “Why?” you might ask. “If […]



Contributing Writer Pastor Scott Hannon St. John Lutheran Church Amherst, NY I have a confession to make. I can’t skate. Despite growing up in Western New York where playing hockey seems to be a childhood rite of passage and where backyard rinks still abound, I never learned to do it. And it was never an […]

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