Wild Wind Chimney Services & Signature Fireplaces by Sivak

Article Contributed by Katrina Fuller Nestled within the winding roads and rolling hills between New York and Pennsylvania, a warm hearth resides. A luxurious showroom, packed full of beautiful and functional fireplaces, stoves, and more holds more than meets the eye: the warmth of caring. The owners, Amy and Sam Sivak, dedicate their hours to […]

Ace Onieda Lumber / Onieda Hearth and Hot Tubs

Article Contributed by Katrina Fuller   The lumber yard is bustling with contractors and do-it-yourself home owners alike, procuring quality lumber at excellent prices. Entering the store, patrons are greeted by aisles chocked full of potential projects, from fixtures and gardening supplies to lighting and more. Further down the corridor, a small hallway opens into […]

Beichner Waste Services, INC.

Article Contributed by Katrina Fuller   Hearty trucks trundle through the deserted streets, working swiftly under the cover of darkness. In the quiet evening hours, these trucks hum and rumble their way from destination to destination, set with an important task that is seldom thought of. Large containers of garbage and recycling wait to be […]

Jamestown Mattress – A History of Customized Comfort

“Once we could have sold you a mattress for $2.00,” Jim Pullan, Jr. told an audience of local business leaders recently. “It came stuffed with sea grass or horsehair with a cover woven from the same material. For $2.50 you could get it covered in softer cotton or wool. That, of course, was in 1886.” […]

Lisciandro’s Restaurant Celebrates Six Decades of Home Town Cooking

JAMESTOWN – The NRA forecasts that the business will top $200 billion in 2012. That’s the other NRA, the National Restaurant Association, and they predict it will be the “Table Service” restaurants that hit that mark… $6 billion more than last year. Sam Lisciandro and his wife Beatrice opened their own table service restaurant at […]

Sewer’s Choice – A Good Stitch In Time

  “In the old days, sewing machine salesmen demonstrated their powerful, gear-driven machines by sewing right through a solid wooden ruler,” Ken Mekus told a customer recently. “And if you still have one of those old machines, chances are my wife Shirley can fix it,” he added proudly. Ken and Shirley Mekus are the owners […]

Urgent Care-A New, Fast Healthcare Option

“We will see you in 15 minutes or less,” Dr. John Radford promised a visitor recently at Five Star Urgent Care in Jamestown’s Riverwalk Center. “That’s important when you really don’t feel well. And we can keep that promise for 40 to 50 patients a day, with plans for more capacity soon.” Urgent Care centers […]

Spring Is Back At Four Seasons Nursery & Garden Center

A successful business changes to meet the demands of its customers. It is not a new idea, but few businesses succeed without obeying that simple law of commerce. Matt and Julie Harper operated their successful Four Seasons Landscaping business for many years. As their customers asked to see more plants, shrubs and trees to plan […]

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