Vinewood Acres Sugar Shack

Article Contributed by Julia Eppehimer “Every human being should do everything they can in the sphere of their influence to help humanity.” That’s the motto that Sugar Shack owner Gail Black lives by. And it’s because her friends lived by it too, that the Sugar Shack was opened 23 years ago. Guarded by fields of […]

Shutt’s Saw & Mower

Article Contributed by Julia Eppehimer Most people enjoy going to work to get away from the family. Dan Schutt goes to work with his family. “It’s pretty cool, I’ve worked my whole life with my dad,” Dan said. “And now my son’s here, I’m going to work my whole life with my son.” He’s also […]

Troyer Farms

Article Contributed by Julia Eppehimer With the picturesque pond and rolling hills that surround the 5-bay greenhouse full of flowers, it’s easy to forget all the hard work that goes into Troyer’s Greenhouse. For the past 15 years, Luke and Tina Troyer have poured their time and energy into the business, which has grown vastly […]

Abres Acres

Article Contributed by Julia Eppehimer “I grew up on a dairy farm,” Susan Abers, co-owner of Abers Acres said. She met her husband when they were both in a 4-H Club and both brought a cow of the same name to the fair. “We thought we were going to be dairy farmers,” she said. Well, […]

ACME the Appliance Store

Article Contributed by Julia Eppehimer In 1958 Acme The Appliance Store opened its doors. For more than 50 years the store on E. 2nd St. has been an area resource for appliances and repairs. In 2010, Dan and Beth Hocking took over ownership of the business and have worked to expand on the products and […]

Girton’s Flowers and Gifts

“We don’t sell flowers, we sell emotion,” Susan Carlson, owner of Girton’s Flowers and Gifts says. She sits surrounded by flowers and decorations, sunlight pouring through the large windows in the front of the shop. “They’ve done studies that show just having flowers in your office makes people happy,” Susan says. She does her best […]

ROBO Enterprises

Contributing Writer Katrina Fuller Laughter and joy abound on this happiest occasion; a crowd of people gather outside the building and bustle out from inside, arms loaded with prizes, hot dogs and more. A large banner drapes against the wall, bathed in sunlight. “Happy 50th Anniversary ROBO!” it proclaims, celebrating a well-earned milestone in ROBO Enterprises […]

Crossett Inc.

Article by Walt Pickut A trucking company is more than trucks, according to Alex Kedie, president and CEO of Crossett, Inc., in Warren, PA. “It takes outstanding people to make it run, and that’s what we have,” Kedie added with obvious pride. Warren is home to Crossett’s world headquarters, serving the Northeastern United States and […]

Mike’s Nursery

Article by Katrina Fuller Bountiful hanging baskets cling to rafters overhead, providing a whimsical canopy of color over the cashier’s station. Winding walkways lead through a vast array of plants, from vegetable flats to leafy trees and more. Wandering through the sanctuary of greenery, visitors murmur in delight, discovering new and beautiful things with each […]

Pike’s Auto Repair and Detailing

Article by Walt Pickut “Make your car happy. Drive on in to Pike’s.” That’s the sign on the front of the Pike’s Auto Repair & Detailing garage on Route 474 in Ashville, New York. It’s pretty clear there are a lot of happy cars in Chautauqua County, thanks to Josh Pike, the owner and chief […]