All in the Family

Article Contributed by Eric Zwieg Craft World and Action Hobbies has newly located to 1385 Kiantone Road just past the city limits on Foote Avenue. A massive inventory of all things hobby and craft related is housed in a 10k square foot building that also includes an indoor radio controlled racing space and an outdoor […]

Oil Creek & Titusville Railroad

Article Contributed by Walt Pickut Take a trip back in time by taking a drive down to Titusville, PA. Ride the Oil Creek and Titusville Railroad, less than an hour away, a truly unique opportunity to experience q scenic and important part of history in western PA. According to Jim Watson, a native of the […]

The Country Lane

Article Contributed by Chuck Abraham When the words “country lane” are uttered, images of fields of corn, old barns and a slower paced way of life come to mind. The Country Lane in Kennedy takes one back to a simpler, more relaxed time raised in those images. Owners and Kennedy natives Brenda and Mike Bunce […]

Jamestown Veterinary Hospital

Article Contributed by Judith Long Who could be on a dog’s best friend list besides his or her owners? Chances are it’s the local veterinarian. Jamestown Veterinary Hospital (JVH) is one of many busy animal hospitals in the area. Located at 236 Fluvanna Avenue, the handsome, red brick building includes animal kennels for overnight stays […]

A Slice of Heaven

Article Contributed by Chuck Abraham Nestled in rural Cattaraugus County outside of Randolph on the Amish Trail lays A Slice of Heaven. Literally. A Slice of Heaven is an alpaca farm owned by Mike and Sue Bean of Randolph. The Beans also operate a gift shop on the farm called the Simply Natural Alpaca Gift […]

Struthers Theater

Article Contributed by Charles Abraham For first class plays, concerts and events, one need not look any further than the historic Struthers Library Theatre located in downtown Warren, PA at 302 W. 3rd Ave. The theatre opened in 1883 after Thomas Struthers erected the building to be used as a community library, public hall and […]

The Rouse Estate

Article Contributed by Charles Abraham The Rouse Estate, nestled west of Warren, P.A. on Route 6 in Youngville, was founded more than 150 years ago to care for the poor. In fact, it even served as the poor farm for Warren County, PA until the 1960s. While the modern Rouse Estate has grown well beyond […]

Off the Beaten Path Bookstore

Article Contributed by Julia Eppehimer “The beauty of being a bookseller is that you don’t have to be a literary critic; all you have to do to books is enjoy them.” So said Christopher Morley in his work, “The Haunted Bookshop,” a piece that inspired Off the Beaten Path Bookstore owner Holly Richardson to open […]

Farmer Brown’s Beef and Moooore

Article Contributed by Julia Eppehimer In New York City, hot dog stands grace every corner. In Miami, vendors stand on sidewalks and call out their wares. And in Lakewood, NY Farmer Brown’s Beef and Moooore provides a fun eating venue for locals. “We’ve been in different places and seen food stands,” Jeremy Hirliman explained. “We […]

The Art Loft

Article Contributed by Julia Eppehimer When a 100-year-old lumber mill goes up for sale, it’s time to buy it; even with no idea what to do with it. “We knew we could do something, but we didn’t know exactly what,” Art Loft owner Warren Beyer said. “I knew when we moved in, I thought, we […]