Dog Moms

“Where every Pooch gets a smooch.” More than a Business Motto at Dog Moms Article Contributed by Leann Austin “This is a very fulfilling job,” Sharon Allison, owner of Dog Moms, said. “Of all the jobs I’ve done in my life, this is the best.” Allison has worked a few jobs over the years, but […]

Loomis Landscaping

Heroes and Villains Article Contributed by Beth Peyton The Loomis Gang is on the rise again, this time in Maple Springs. But they’re not stealing horses, making counterfeit money or burglarizing homes like their distant ancestors did in central New York during the 19th century. They’re taking care of their neighbors around the lake. Bill […]

Johnny’s Lunch

It’s Lovely Rice Pudding Article Contributed by Beth Peyton The rice is tender, but has a little snap. Suspended in silky custard, with a dusting of cinnamon on top, it’s not too sweet. It’s just about right. Dianne Calamunci started working at Johnny’s Lunch when she was a child. Her parents, Johnny and Minnie Colera, […]

Eight Limbs Wellness Studio

Article Contributed by Leann Austin The willingness to share one’s journey with others is a gift; a gift Danielle DeVine and Natalie Maggio, owners of Eight Limbs Wellness Studio in Lakewood, are eager to share. Partners for ten years in downtown Lakewood, their business has evolved. It started as two businesses in separate locations. Since […]

Unlocking the Puzzle at Austin Works

Article Contributed by Beth Peyton Nancy Stang has physical therapy skills, safe cracking skills, an old dog named Bee and a commitment to providing good service at a fair price. She’s everyone’s favorite locksmith at Austin Works, located at 167 E. Fairmount Avenue in Lakewood, NY. The fact that she is the only locksmith at […]

Piece of Cake

Article Contributed by Leann Austin Some dreams are born in childhood. Others appear later in life when least expected. That’s how it happened for local culinary artist, Dana Priestman, business owner of Piece of Cake, Jamestown, NY. While working on her associates degree at Jamestown Business College, Priestman looked for an opportunity in the business […]

Tiffany Wakely Academy of Dance

Article Contributed by Leann Austin While many may have enjoyed a relaxing spring break, Tiffany Heintzman, owner of Tiffany Wakely Academy of Dance, was busy preparing dresses and costumes for her students’ upcoming dance recital being held at Southwestern Central School on May 26 and 27 at 7pm. Heintzman has danced since she was very […]

Peterson’s Corn Crib Candies

Celebrating 85 Sweet Years Article Contributed by Leann Austin Why did Stephen and Christine Frankson go into the candy making business? “Because it was a sweet job,” Stephen Frankson, owner of Peterson’s Corn Crib said. Peterson’s has operated for 85 years. Mr. Frankson and his wife, Christine, have been the proprietors for 25 years. They […]


Article Contributed by Beth Peyton The three partners behind LOUD Performance Products at 4818 Route 430 in Maple Springs like things loud. And fast. They like things bold, bright and a little funky. The friends have very diverse backgrounds, but snowmobiling brought them together. Casey Mulkins is a native of Mayville, New York, and has […]

Support Enterprises

“All Sewn Up” Article Contributed by Beth Peyton The management team at Support Enterprises, Inc. (SEI) is thorough, thoughtful, and understated. Michael Suppa, Vice President of Operations for Filling The Gap (a group of companies that directly or indirectly supports the work of the Resource Center), along with Jeremy Weilacher, SEI Prototype and Design Manager, […]