Mariner’s Pier Express

Article Contributed by Katrina Fuller Warmth surrounds the comfortable dining area, with beautiful art work clinging to the walls, high café and dining tables gracing the floors. A large menu board declares the fare, bursting with scrumptious titles such as “Pasta Parthenon” and “The Venetian.” The aroma of freshly made soup drifts lazily through the […]

Fisher’s Family Restaurant

Article Contributed by Katrina Fuller Sunlight shines gently through the large windows, filling the air with natural light. Soft chatter fills the dining hall, as owners Marlene and Mark Fisher chat happily with their patrons. Customers sit at the long counter, relishing in the comfort and ease of the restaurant. Lighthouses gleam from every wall, […]

Bair’s Pizza

Laughter beckons from within, partnered with the irresistible scent of freshly made pizza. A deep fryer sizzles deliciously as a basket of wings is lowered into its depths. The staff members are busy at work, creating edible masterpieces as they cheerfully sing along to the music playing in the background. Cozy chairs and tables adorn […]

Dealer Showcase: Cibo Restaurant

From time to time, The Jamestown Gazette recognizes one of our dealers, the fine merchants who make “The People’s Paper” available to their customers. This week, we salute Cibo. Cibo is an Italian noun, pronounced “chee-bo,” which simply means “food.” “A good time is a whole family sitting around a table filled with good food,” […]

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